These Dudes are Covering Their Beards in Glitter and it Looks Awesome!

Some dudes are always going to be looking for new ways to express themselves and this time, the trend has hit facial hair. Across social media, dudes are starting to cover their beards in glitter. Why? Interestingly enough, nobody is actually giving a reason for this. Perhaps they’re trying to get in-tune with the festive vibes or maybe they’re trying to brighten up their faces with some gold sparkles. Most likely, however, it’s because they look kinda funky and people are eating it up on Instagram.

In a strange follow-on from last year’s spectacle of putting flowers in their beards, this year dudes are donning glitter beards.

The social media trend seems to have originated with bonafide Instagram celebrities ‘The Gay Beards’. These dudes have been covering their beards in everything imaginable for years now, with photos ranging from facial hair coated in cheetos to lit candles – ouch. Their most successful photo by far, however, has been this one, featuring both of them with their badass beards completely coated in golden glitter.

Take a look at some of 2016’s best and brightest glitter beards below:

Source: @TheGayBeards
Source: @sql1fe
Source: @TheGayBeards
Source: @TheGayBeards
Source: @blaurent_
Source: @callidus
Source: @blaurent_
Source: @TheGayBeards

Making Your Own Glitter Beard

Fancy giving it a go yourself? Surprisingly, it’s actually pretty easy. To make your glitter beard, you’re going to need 3 primary ingredients – beard oil, glitter, and a beard to throw it all on.

Start by running your beard oil through your beard. This is used to make sure that the glitter doesn’t fall straight out onto your carpet. Once you’ve got a decent amount applied, add in the glitter. That’s basically it. Instagram away and watch those likes pour in.

If you’re looking for good beard oil, check out The Woodsman by The Bearded Bastard. It’s made of the best natural ingredients and has a gorgeous woody scent to it. If you’re looking for a glitter beard, or are just looking to give your facial hair that extra boost, check it out.

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