The Yeard – Separating The Men From The Boys

Men are simply meant to have beards. Besides it being functional, it has also undeniably become very fashionable, especially in the past couple of years.

One of the latest and greatest trends in beard fashion is the one year beard, also known as the ‘Yeard’ and it’s this kind of look that separates really separates the men from the boys. Growing yourself a yeard isn’t necessarily difficult, but it does take a lot of patience and commitment. If you’re dedicated to the cause and use all the best tools available for grooming your yeard, like a quality beard oil and a beard balm, you are on the right path to creating a true masterpiece on your face.

However, the most important thing when growing out a yeard is – dedication. When you first start growing any type of beard, things tend to get itchy in the beginning. When we say itchy, we mean really itchy. On top of this, your hairs aren’t likely to grow thick all over your face to start with, which is something that can put a lot of yeard-growers off.

In this article, we’re going to teach you everything you need to know about donning your very on yeard, from the initial growing process to the products you’ll need to keep your newly-acquired face mane under control.

Stages of Growing Out the Yeard

Firstly, the key point that you need to understand is that growing a yeard isn’t a one-step process. In fact, there are several key points that you need to carefully consider and bear in mind.

1. The Scruffy Stage

The first step in growing a yeard will be the scruffy stage. Although this can work in the favor of some men, unless you’re a lumberjack or a rural laborer you’re probably going to end up looking like a bit of a mess.

Perseverance, however, is the key. Stick it out through the scruffy stage and you’ll have a beautiful beard gracing the surface of your face before you know it. The first three months of growing out your yeard are usually the hardest, because that’s when it tends to get the patchiest. Sadly, not all of the hairs on your face will grow at the same pace, so you need to take a flexible approach and allow the slow-growers time to catch up. Don’t let this discourage you.

After about six weeks or so, you may notice you have some stray hairs frying out. This is crucial – resist the urge to trim. Although they might look messy, as your hairs get longer they’ll naturally be weighed-down. You’ve got gravity to thank for that one.

2. The Filler Stage

When this awkward period is finally over, you will notice how your patches are starting to fill in the longer your yeard gets, covering up all the problematic areas. The time frame for dudes generally varies for this stage, but it’s usually around 12-16 weeks in. You’ll know when you hit the filler stage because when you look in the mirror, they’ll be a beard worthy of Odin himself staring back at you.

3. The Trimming Stage

If you’ve made it to this point without touching the beard trimmer, take a bow. We at Beadicure commend you and your valiant efforts in refraining from the shave.

At this point, if your beard is looking nice and full, you may give it a little trim just to get it looking shapely, but be careful not to overdo it. One slip of a razor and you’ve lost months of hard, scruffy work. You’re probably also going to cry a bit too – I know I would.

Things to Bear in Mind

Don’t go into the yeard-grow process blind, because it’s not likely you’ll make it out the other end successfully. To improve your chances of success, there are some key things to bear in mind.

Everyone is Different

What is important to remember is that not everyone is the same. And while some will have a full and thick beard within a month, the same thing might take six months for someone else. Again, commitment, determination, and perseverance are essential to growing out the yeard you’ve always wanted.

The No-Shave Commitment is a Big One

Growing a full-on yeard will mean that you won’t be cutting, shaping or trimming your beard for an entire year. The reason for this is because the goal here is to see how long you can naturally grow your beard. The one mistake you should avoid, that many men have made, is trimming your yeard too soon. If you try to trim or shape your yeard sooner than you’re supposed to, it will make it harder for you to grow it out to the desired length.

Shaping Your Yeard is an Entirely Different Ball Game

Another important thing to remember is that men who shape a short beard will shape it differently than those shaping a long beard. So, in case you are growing out a yeard, you will need to wait until your beard is the length you want it to be before doing any actual trimming or shaping.

Grooming, Trimming, and Shaping

When it comes to grooming, trimming, and shaping, you’ve got options. Check ‘em out.

Invest in a Solid Beard Trimmer

You’ll know when it’s time to trim your yeard. When that point comes, however, you’re going to want to be prepared. To get your beard looking nice and neat, take a look at the Philips Norelco Multigroom. With chromium steel self-sharpening blades and a beard and hair comb with 18 different length settings, it will help you get that desired look you’ve been patiently waiting for the entire year.

Shaky Hands? Visit a Barber

Seriously – don’t risk it. If you don’t feel comfortable trimming your beard yourself, that’s completely understandable, because it’s a whole lot more stress than trimming a stubbly style. As a result, if you’re wary of slipping or tripping with your razor in-hand, you can always pay a visit to your barber and have them shape out your yeard. The absolute worst thing you can do is ruining the beard you’ve been growing out for so long by trying and failing to shape it by yourself.

Keep it in Tip Top Condition

Once you’ve begun shaping and trimming your yeard, the most important thing is to have it reshaped on regular basis. Bear in mind that shaping or trimming is not the same thing as grooming your beard.

In order to have and maintain a nice-looking beard, you will need to groom it at least once a day. This is most important while you are still in the process of growing your yeard out, and the best way to groom your beard is by using a strong boar bristle beard brush and natural beard oil that will give your facial hair all the necessary moisture and help it grow faster, thicker and longer.

Using a quality, natural beard oil daily will ensure that your facial hair will continue to grow and remain healthy. On top of that, it’s also excellent in taming flyaway hair, helping your beard look dope even before it becomes a full yeard.

Buy a Beard Shampoo

Although you have some choices in what products you use, a good beard shampoo is essential. By buying one, you’ll be able to ensure that you both keep your beard clean and the underlying skin healthy. In addition to reducing the chance of developing the dreaded beardruff, a quality beard shampoo will also help you to reduce any itchiness you might start to experience.

Growing a one year beard is a commitment, but the results are worth it. Making it through the first year is the hardest, but it’s incredibly rewarding, and by then your yeard will have become a part of your lifestyle and your overall image.

The Bottom Line

Again, the trick to achieving the perfect yeard is:

1. Lots and lots of patience (we mean it) – let’s be honest, a year is a really long time to do anything and with a beard, it’s probably going to feel like you’ve been growing it for a lifetime. Focus not just on the outcome, but each step in the process and you’ll make it to the end without any problems.

2. Perseverance and commitment – There will be times when you are going to get frustrated and want to quit and shave it all off. There will be problems you are going to have to solve. Stick out with it and don’t let it discourage you – with perseverance, you’ll get through it.

3. Quality grooming – Using quality grooming products will definitely make it a lot easier. A good beard balm and oil go a long way in helping you get that perfect, masculine one year beard look.

So there you have it – everything you need to know about nailing that yeard look that many men yearn for. If you’ve got any tips we haven’t mentioned, share them with your fellow bearded bros in the comments box below and as always, keep it real.

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