LovelyBeards Gingerbread Beard Oil Product Review

Beard oils are great. Over the past 5 years, they’ve really surged in popularity among the male grooming community, quickly earning themselves a place in many a man’s bathroom cabinet. Helping to soften and keep unruly beard hairs under control, beard oil is the ideal solution to any man with a misbehaving beard.

If you’ve got a beard that’s dry, itchy, or maybe even looking a bit tired, it’s probably time to invest in some beard oil.

We love beard products here at Beardicure and are always excited about taking new ones for a test-drive. So, when LovelyBeards sent me a bottle of their Gingerbread beard oil, I couldn’t wait to try it out. In this article, I’m going to tell you what you need to know about LovelyBeards beard oil and take you through my experiences with it.

LovelyBeards Beard Oil

LovelyBeards founded their business on much the same premise as why we started up Beardicure – growing a beard shouldn’t be difficult and every man should have the tools needed to give it their best shot.

Currently LovelyBeards has over 6 different organic beard oils with some unique scents, there’s sure to be something to take your fancy. Based on my guilty pleasure for home baking, after some deliberation I settled on their gingerbread beard oil.

Gingerbread Beard Oil

Bottle Size: 30ml

LovelyBeards have definitely put some effort into their packaging. On the side of the box that the 30ml beard oil comes in is a handy guide that gives you an idea of how much of their oil to use.

If you’ve used beard oil before, you’ll know that there’s an element of trial and error involved. Fortunately, they’ve taken that out of the equation with the following recommendations:

  • Beardless to 1 Month – 3 to 4 drops
  • 1 Month to 3 Months – 4 to 6 drops
  • 3 Months to 12 Months – 6 to 10 drops
  • 12 Months and Longer – 10 drops and over

Scent: Gingerbread

The beard oil smelled like food and it made me hungry.” – that’s some female feedback I got, so bear that in mind.

Well, when they said gingerbread, they definitely meant gingerbread. Where some beard oils are a bit hit and miss with their essential oils, LovelyBeards have got it spot-on.

Before using it, I was expecting to be hit by more of a sweet scent, but immediately after applying I was greeted by a savoury, spiced aroma. Whereas the scent from some oils wears off after half an hour, this oil lingered for a good 3-4 hours, with others being able to smell it for a while after that.

I was concerned that it’d be overpowering, as some brands in the past have even managed to bring on headaches from invasive odours. With this, however, it was by no means overwhelming and I really enjoyed being able to pick up on it for several hours after application. If you are particularly sensitive to smell, however, it might be worth picking a different scent from their range.

LovelyBeards Different Beard Oils

Main Ingredients

LovelyBeards have gone all-out with their selection of carrier oils for this product. By looking at the list below, it’s pretty clear to see that you’re getting value for money.

Jojoba Oil

  • ​Ideal for moisturizing skin

Grapeseed Oil and Hempseed Oil

  • Both support hair growth​

Kiwi Seed Oil

  • Hydrates dry and unruly hair

Avocado Oil

  • Repairs damaged hair​

As far as essential oils go, they haven’t been as forthcoming, but that’s completely understandable – gotta keep the secret recipe under wraps.

The Benefits?

So, I typically use beard products every day. In my morning shower I shampoo my beard to remove any excess oil/balm/previous day’s nasties, then I apply either a balm or an oil to hydrate, soften and support my growth. As a result, my beard’s in pretty good shape, so I wasn’t sure how I was going to benchmark this review. Perhaps a comparison to some of my favorite products?

Fortunately (and unfortunately for me), the Heavens spoke and cast me down with illness for 5 days prior to writing this review. I hibernated in bed, neglecting my responsibilities. My beard was left untreated.

Lo and behold, last Friday my beardruff had returned.


Although frustrating, it did leave me in a great place to start trying this product.


Beardruff be Banished!

What d’you know? After 4 days of using LovelyBeards beard oil once in the morning, my beardruff had completely subsided. Although my beard isn’t insanely long, the hair underneath it still dries out and my hair follicles seem unable to produce a sufficient amount of sebum oil no matter the length. For this purpose, the oil was an absolute godsend.

After treating my beard with the oil, it’s feeling more hydrated and looking much more healthy.

The Prickly Hair is No More

After my illness had subsided, I also trimmed my beard down to get rid of some of the split ends that had cropped up. At this point, it was feeling real prickly.

Once again, after applying the beard oil for 4 consecutive days, it’s gotten way softer. In fact, it was noticeably softer after the first application. If you suffer from tougher stubble, this oil will work wonders from you.

The oil is a little greasy, but then again, it is oil. Also, I’ve been applying a drop or two extra each morning to really kick it into action, so I’m not sure what I really should have expected.

Would I Use it Again?

Overall – absolutely. I love the smell, love the consistency, and I really love how quickly it’s got my beard fighting fit again. Although the scent is a little less sweet than I anticipated, it’s still fantastic.

My next review is going to cover their beard balm, which I got in delicious nectarine mint. It already smells awesome, so I’m really excited to get stuck into it.

I’m definitely going to explore some of their other products in the future, so stay tuned for that. I’d also love LovelyBeards to produce a range of beard shampoo, because I’d be all over that.

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To Beard or Not to Beard – 9 Reasons Why You Should Grow One

Women, children, and a whole load of men get along in life just fine without beards. Unless you’re living among wolves in the Siberian wilderness (if you are, that’s awesome), it’s not always obvious to see the function that they actually provide.

If you step outside and take a walk, however, you’ll notice that many a modern male is now donning increasingly impressive face-huggers. From designer stubble to beards so epic they could have been directed by Spielberg himself, they’re basically everywhere. So, why do men have facial hair? There might be more reasons than you think.

Beards Have Been Around Since the Birth of Man

200,000 years ago, when the human race hadn’t been long on this earth, beards served as a great form of protection. Sadly, we’re not talking about protection from mammals, as that’s largely what tools such as spears and blades were created for. It’s more likely, however, that beards originated as a means of protecting the face from extremes of weather such as the cold.

However, if you’ve got a beard that could fend off a sabertooth single-handed, please send in a photo. I’m sure that you’d make even the neolithic male jealous.

The same as eyelashes prevent dust from getting into your eyes, beards also served the purpose of warding off sand. Considering evidence has shown that humans originated in desert-ridden areas, this is incredibly plausible.

Beards Protect Your Face From Harmful UV Rays

If your face is graced by the hair of the beard, you’ll notice in Summer that it can really crimp on your overall tan. That’s because UV rays have a trickier time penetrating facial hair, as opposed to just targeting plain skin. I learned this one the hard way by shaving my 2-incher half-way through road-tripping it across California.

If you’ve got delicate skin, a beard can be a great way of minimizing your exposure to the sun (and saving money on sunscreen).

The Ladies Love a Good Beard

200,000 years forward to the modern-day, man’s primal urges still flow strong, leaving the modern male with the same need to attract a mate.

Fortunately, the male mating ritual has progressed since the neolithic era and the attraction process is based more on looks and charm.

There’s a strong belief amongst men that women go absolutely crazy for a good beard. I’m sure many men among the beard-donning masses can testify to the truth of this. With a beard, a man knows that he’s more attractive to the other sex, which in turn boosts the confidence he has in his looks. It’s this confidence that plays such a vital role in getting the ladies.

Beards Display Dominance

Strangely, when the other sex are questioned about their opinions on beards, the results are pretty surprising.

Contrary to what many men may think, women are actually pretty nonplussed about facial hair as a standalone feature. In fact, it looks like men have settled on growing facial hair as a means of standing out from the competition.

One study conducted by a man whose name fated him to carry it out – Nigel Barber – showed this. He researched the male to female ratio in the marriage market between 1842 and 1971 in England.

He found that, during times where there was a larger number of single men compared to single women, more beards surprisingly began to spring up on faces. As more men had to compete against each other for women, beards, moustaches, and stubble became much more popular.

When looking to reproduce, it often isn’t enough for a man to just be attractive to the opposite sex. The key is being more attractive than any competition you may have. Sadly, it goes without saying that the shy, quirky dude at the back of the bar – no matter how lovely he may be – won’t stand much of a chance against his bulker, more confident friends.

There’s a good amount of evidence to suggest that beards help men to build this essential confidence. Regardless of whether women find it overly attractive, if a beard makes you more confident, you go for it.

Beards Frame Your Face

Are you cursed with the challenge of defining your weaker features? Whether you have a soft chin or a poor jawline, a beard can help to accentuate those areas and make them more prominent.

By growing your beard out for 4 weeks, you’ll have a good canvas to craft your masterpiece from. Then, it’s just a case of acquiring a trimmer and maintaining a slightly longer length around your jawline. Hey presto, you’ve got the jaw you always wanted.

Beards can also help to detract from certain facial features you may find less desirable. Any small scarring or spots on your face can easily be covered up by a beard. If God’s graced you with a sizeable nose, you can draw attention away from it with some well sculpted facial hair.

Although this is relatively straightforward to do (see our guide on 6 key steps to growing an awesome beard), you might want to get a professional barber to cut the lines in first. One slip and you’re pretty much left with waiting for it to grow back or shaving and starting all over again.

Beards Can Keep You Healthy

It might sound strange, but it’s actually true. Beards can help to ward off dangerous bacteria which can cause throat infections such as tonsillitis. This is well-documented in medical research, with the first evidence going back as early as 1875. If you’re heading towards the colder months, growing a strong beard could well help you fight off any unwanted infections or illnesses.

Also, beards have been shown to help to prevent asthma attacks. By slightly filtering the air that reaches you prior to inhalation, a beard can help to reduce the amount of airborne toxins that eventually make contact with your lungs. Although this isn’t necessarily a reason that people grow them in the first place, if you suffer from asthma it’s certainly good motivation to try one out.

Beards Help You Kiss Acne Goodbye

As with preventing toxins from reaching your lungs, having hair growing from your face provides an additional level of protection from infections such as acne. In fact, shaving regularly can actually cause skin infections, as it creates openings in your skin for the natural bacteria that exist on your face.

In addition to avoiding nasty ingrown hairs, a good beard will help to reduce the chances of acne breakouts. Since shaving can actually increase or aggravate an existing acne condition, if you suffer from bad skin a beard is worth a go. It’s time for you to swap in that razor for a glorious beard trimmer.

Beards Can Improve Your Sex Life

Yes, you read correctly. One 1970’s study referenced in the book The Dependent Gene managed to find a relationship between sex potential and beard growth. The study found that, when the opportunity for sex presents itself, testosterone secretion increases, which in turn stimulates hair growth.

So, do you get more sex for having a beard, or more beard for having sex? It actually turns out to be both. Although men with beards aren’t necessarily deemed to be more attractive, they are viewed as having features that are. A 2008 study from Northumbria University found that women rated men with facial hair to be more masculine, mature, and tough. Good news for those already with beards and certainly a good reason to start growing one if you don’t.

Beards Save You Time

Does your alarm go off at 6am every morning so you can get up and begin your shave routine? Well, now it can go off at 6:20 instead. Although beards do require maintenance, they require seriously less time commitment than maintaining a baby-smooth face.

It’s thought that the average man spends 3,350 hours shaving over the course of his life, which totals 139 days. You could definitely spend that time exercising, or sleeping.

Growing a beard can save you a serious amount of time, which you can then invest in boosting your productivity. Use that 20 minutes to get a good breakfast in you and an extra cup of coffee and you’re setting yourself up for success every day.

Loads of Historical Figures Rocked the Beard

When you can’t trust honest Abe, who can you trust? If you’re going to copy anyone’s style, powerful historical figures are usually good people to model yourself on.

Beards have been donned throughout history by the societal elite and world leaders alike. Even Chuck Norris has one. Some of the world’s most famous beards have included:

● Abraham Lincoln

The 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln worked that top hat and absolutely nailed the beard look. In fact, trying to imagine him without facial hair is a pretty tricky task. His style has lived on through generations, with the mustache-less beard eventually being coined as the ‘Lincoln’.

Abraham Lincoln’s Beard

● Leonardo Da Vinci

Da Vinci’s beard cascaded from his face just as his artwork did from its canvas. This brilliant inventor brought us the designs of the helicopter way ahead of his time, but he’d often go unrecognized in pictures without his characteristic facial hair.

Leonardo da Vinci’s beard

● Charles Darwin

Beards have been used for practical means since the evolution of humanity and Charles Darwin developed the theory. Without doubt one of the most important writers of all time, Darwin wore one impressive beard.

Charles Darwin and his beard

So there you have it. If you haven’t already got a beard, this article should give you the motivation you need. With plenty of reasons to remove the razor from your routine, start growing your beard today and watch the benefits roll in.

If you’re not sure about where you should get started, check out our beginner’s guide on how to grow the perfect beard. Sit back, relax, and watch the hair grow.

Have you got any benefits that we haven’t mentioned above? Let us know about them in the comments box below for the chance to win some high-quality beard oil!

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Minoxidil Beard Treatment – How Well Does Minoxidil Work?

For many men, a beard is a rite of passage to masculinity. Unfortunately, it’s also not always easy for everyone to grow one. As a result of the rise in beard popularity and the demand for dudes to have bushy beards on their faces, a whole host of products have hit the market.

The majority of these fall under the category of beard care products, but there’s also a section of the market dedicated to those males who have a harder time growing fuller, thicker facial hair.

If you’re part of that group who have a tough time growing your beard out, it could be well worth your time checking out some of the options there. The most popular ones on the market are Vitabeard and Beard Czar, but a more traditional contender by the name of Minoxidil has also entered the arena.

When concerning head hair, Minoxidil is often referred to as Rogaine, as it’s the primary ingredient within that product. It has, however, also shown incredibly promising results for those looking to grow out their beards. From a variety of online reviews, men are claiming to actually be seeing the results. That’s a really promising start.

So it’s pretty clear that Minoxidil gets the job done. In fact, it’s been scientifically proven that Minoxidil can help to influence growth spurts of hair in males, which is great news for all of you dudes who suffer from patchy beards.


That’s not all you need to know, though. In this article, we’re going to cover all of the information surrounding Minoxidil, including potential side effects, how you can maintain a healthy beard during treatment, as well as some other plausible alternatives.

How Well Does Minoxidil Work?

I’ve never tried Minoxidil, mostly because I’ve never needed to. Despite my shortcomings, I’ve always been able to grow a strong beard very quickly. From what I’ve heard from friends and researched online though, it’s pretty damn clear that Minoxidil beard treatment works.

What I will say, however, is that you need to patient with the amount of time that it takes to work. A lot of online reviews are from customers who’ve purchased the product, taken it, and expected to wake up the following morning looking like some kind of bearded Rapunzel. If you can find any product in the world that does that, let me know, because we’ll make some serious money together.

When taking Minoxidil beard treatment, you shouldn’t prepare yourself to wait 5 days. In fact, you shouldn’t even expect to see explosive results within 5 weeks. Studies have shown that men experience the biggest growth spurts after 6 months of continuous Minoxidil usage. Sure, it’s a long-term commitment and you’ve got to be prepared to take regular applications, but you’ll most likely see results that you’re happy with.

Eric Bandholz of BeardBrand has made a short but sweet video about using Minoxidil for beard growth. You can check it out below

Can You Get Minoxidil to Work Faster?

If you’re not too happy with the idea of sitting around for the best part of a year waiting for a beard to appear on your face, you’re not alone. Fortunately, there are a few tricks you can have up your sleeve to boost the speed at which Minoxidil works.

Firstly, the easiest is going to be to buy a higher-concentrate of Minoxidil. The product typically comes in two versions – 2% and 5%. If you want dramatic effects quicker, it might be worth you picking up the stronger version of Minoxidil.

How to Apply Minoxidil

Once you’ve picked up your Minoxidil, you’re going to want to start the application process as quickly as possible. To do this, you’ll need to get the pipette included with the bottle and apply it to your face twice a day – in the morning and in the evening.How to Apply Minoxidil

Start rubbing the product into the base of your hair follicles, and work your way out to the outer hairs.

To apply Minoxidil, you’ll need to start rubbing the product into the base of your hair follicles, gradually working your way out to hit the outer hairs. Getting it into the roots of your hair is a key part of the process, as it’s what’s required to get Minoxidil absorbed and start working on a thicker, fuller beard.

Does Minoxidil Have Any Side-Effects?

As with the vast majority of available drugs on the free market, Minoxidil does come with a few side-effects. Although they’re not prominent, we strongly advise that you read up on them to see if they could have an adverse effect on you.

Some of the more common side-effects of Minoxidil include increased or irregular heartbeat, itching and irritation (due to hair follicles becoming dry), redness, and the occasional bout of weight gain. I’m by no means a doctor so make sure you read the labels carefully, but in my opinion, those side-effects seem pretty manageable considering the end prize.

If you shed a bit of hair, don’t worry…

This might sound a bit alarming at first, but it shouldn’t be a cause for concern. As previously discussed, this isn’t an overnight treatment – it’s something that’s going to take several months to achieve and your body’s going to need to prepare for this. For that reason, you might notice a couple of instances of shedding, where hair falls out of your beard. This is completely natural and is just your body’s way of preparing for continuous future hair growth. Rogaine even address it on their website:“Rogaine products stimulate hair follicles to shift from the resting phase to the growth phase. Thus, it is not uncommon to see a temporary increase in shedding during the first 2 weeks using Rogaine products. This occurs in some people as the new hair pushes out the older hairs, when the hair follicle shifts into the growth phase.”

Keeping a Strong Beard Whilst Using Minoxidil

When growing a beard, it’s essential that you take care of it properly. This is no different when using Minoxidil – in fact, it’s even more important.

Beard oil is one of the best ways that you can prevent and treat beardruff. Beardruff is caused by your hair follicles running out of the naturally produced sebum oil that keeps your beard in top condition. When using Minoxidil, your hair is going to grow faster than normal, meaning your hair follicles will run out of sebum oil more

One of the most prominent ingredients in beard oils are carrier oils, which are very chemically close to sebum oil. By washing your beard and applying beard oil daily, you’ll be able to keep it in top condition. Trust me, it’ll be incredibly effective at treating your beardruff and it’ll even give your beard a lovely, healthy sheen to it.

What Else Can You do to Accentuate Minoxidil’s Effects?

There are a couple of other things you can do to help give your Minoxidil beard treatment that added boost. If you’re looking to get your beard thicker, consider the following:

Up Your Protein Game

As well as being a key building-block for muscle mass, protein also helps hair follicles to grow. If you work out, you might have noticed an upturn in your beard growth. Some people think that this is down to testosterone, when studies have actually shown that testosterone doesn’t have as much influence as previously thought.

protein powder

Your hair follicles are some of the fastest growing cells in your body, so by eating protein, you’re going to speed up their growth time.

Do Your Best to Remove Stress

Stress is your body’s non-specific response to basically any demand made upon it (thank you, college Psychology class). For some, it kicks you into gear when you’ve got a deadline looming over your shoulders, for others, it just keeps them awake at night.

Either way, stress isn’t great for you if you’re trying to grow a beard. It’s going to hamper your facial hair growth, so you won’t see the results that you want to. One great way to destress is to work out, so if you’re not doing that already, give it a go. I also tried out yoga for a little bit, but I’ve got a hardwood floor in my apartment and it made my knees hurt (I did it once then quit).

Get Some Rest


To get the most out of Minoxidil beard results and your general beard-growing escapades, you need to ensure that you’re getting your 8 hours of sleep every night. With all of life’s trials, tribulations and constant commitments, this is a tall order for most people. Getting a full 8 hours every night will make you feel good all-round though, so give it your best shot.

I hope you’ve found this article useful. We’ll be covering more and more beard growth products over the coming months, so stay tuned for the latest installments!

Also, a word of caution – although the plethora of positive online reviews have led me to believe that Minoxidil is worth your time, always consult with your doctor before trying out any new medicines. After that, stay strong, live well and as always, happy growing dudes!

Have you had an experience with Minoxidil that you want to share with us? Let us know how you got on in the comments box below!

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Mutton Chops – Everything You Need to Know About the Beard Style

It’s one of the least common beard styles of 2016. It’s warm, stylish, but also non-intrusive. You guessed it – it’s mutton chops.

Mutton chops is a bold fashion style to go for, but if you can pull it off it’ll go down like dynamite. Read on to find out everything you know about this in-your-face beard style.

What Are Mutton Chops?

It’s a good question and a really great place for us to start. Mutton chops – also known as sideburns, are stretches of facial hair expanding down a man’s cheeks, often forming a triangular shape that resembles a piece of meat. It sounds strange, but it’s what they are.

They’re typically grown from the ears down to the jawline, but they can also be mixed up and connected to other facial hair items such as a mustache or goatee.

History of Mutton Chops

From presidents to peasants and everyone in between, mutton chops – or sideburns – were worn by absolutely everybody. They were the height of fashion and a way of displaying class, intellect and masculinity above other competing males.

Nowadays, mutton chops are somewhat less fashionable, but they’re donned by a few brave males bold enough to pull the style off and make it work for them. Gone are the days of 1800’s civil rights activists in bowler hats and suits – it’s the modern man’s turn now.

There are those that believe that since Elvis Presley left this earth, mutton chops have been poised and ready to make a comeback. In the 70’s and 80’s, the disco era saw them donned by dancers, cops, hairy porn stars and hairy pornstar cops. Liam Gallagher from britpop band Oasis even brought them into the 90’s.

They’ve yet to surge into popularity yet, but that doesn’t mean they won’t. It also doesn’t mean that you can’t look seriously badass with a pair of them gracing your cheeks.Wolverine's Mutton Chops

Wolverine’s Mutton Chops

How to Grow Mutton Chops

Like any beard style that we discuss on this site, mutton chops start with a period of continuous growing. Whether you grow out a full beard first and trim out is up to you. Fortunately, unlike most other styles, with mutton chops this isn’t necessary.

To secure a pair of mutton chops that’ll make any aristocrat envious, follow these simple steps:

1) Stop Shaving

Naturally, if you want to grow facial hair, you’re going to have to stop shaving. This is the first step and probably the easiest to do. What you don’t want to do, however, is dispose of your razor. For some other, full-face styles such as the Bandholz, throwing away your shaving instruments can be a great way of maintaining motivation for your beard.

It’s a long process and looking scruffy and itchy will cause many people to drop off along the way. With mutton chops, however, this doesn’t have to be the case. Since the style only occupies the side of your face, you can start shaving the centre areas, mustache, chin and neck whenever you feel like it.

By doing this, you’ll also help yourself to avoid the scruffy look that’s typically associated with growing a beard.

2) Set Clear Lines to Shave Around

You don’t want to shave too close to the mutton chops initially, as if you cut too close it’ll look scruffy whilst you grow them back to their original thickness. Mutton chops are characterized by their wide and bushy shape, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Leave yourself sufficient room for movement in the future, as what you want your beard style to look like may change.

3) Allow Time to Grow

Depending on your facial hair growing abilities, each person will need to allot a different period of time for this step. It can be easy to lose motivation during this part of the process, but it’s important to keep in mind your original goal.

When you stopped shaving, you did so on the basis that you wanted to craft a mighty beard style.

4) Complete Shaping

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. Once you’ve been growing your mutton chops for a long enough period – usually 4-6 weeks, it’s shave time. Sculpt the final touches to your mutton chops by removing any excess cheek, jaw and central facial hair. A simple tip that people often don’t think about doing is to use clear shaving cream/gel so you can easily see where you are shaving ensuring that your lines are looking sharp!

Clear Gel Tip

5) Maintain Your Mutton Chops

Once you’ve perfected your beard style, it’s not quite over. Your mutton chops will require regular maintenance to ensure that they’re on top form. Although the style is characterized by its bushiness and broad structure, that doesn’t mean that your mutton chops have to be like this. In fact, the majority of all mutton chops styles are maintained regularly using a beard trimmer. With this – and a few other select products – you can seriously up your beard game.

Items You’ll Need

Just like any other beard style, you will need some specialized beard tools to achieve a decent mutton chops look. At the bare minimum, you should use: 

1) A Beard Trimmer

This item is an essential for any well-respected and to-do gentleman boasting a bushy beard style. A top level beard trimmer, such as one from the Philips Norelco range, will cover everything you need. It’ll also be ideal for full-body grooming; in case you have other areas that also need taming. Also be sure to check out our massive guide on choosing the right beard trimmer if you don’t know where to start.

2) Beard Shampoo

With long beard hair comes itchiness. It’s an unfortunate fact, but it’s definitely one that’s best tackled early-on. By investing in a beard shampoo, you’ll be able to subdue and directly treat any dry skin, avoiding the dreaded ‘beardruff’.

3) Beard Oil

Once you start to gain substantial length to your mutton chops, they’re going to start to get pretty prickly. This can easily be managed by a good beard oil, which will both soften your beard hair and promote future growth. We at Beardicure absolutely love the oil produced by Smooth Viking, so it’s well worth checking out.

Take these tips and products into hand and you’ll soon possess a wolverine beard that’ll even make the finest of bearded men jealous.

This Season’s Hottest Beard Styles – Your Personal Grow Guide

An Introduction to Beard Styles

As a man, your beard is an extension of yourself. It frames your face, it keeps you warm at night, but it also does so much more – it defines your personality.

Beards are quickly growing in popularity and with this has come a rise in demand for beard styles that will get men looking their very finest. With so many different face shapes and personality types, however, how can you be sure to pick the right one for you?

Coming from a bearded man who’s made more than one facial hair mistake in his life, trust me when I say this – there is nothing more frustrating than biding your time for 5 weeks growing out your face hugger, only to cut it into a style that doesn’t work for you. More than once I’ve made this slip-up and have had to start clean again.Bad Beards

Don’t Make the Same Mistakes I Made!

Don’t worry though, I’m not about to let the same thing happen to you. In this article, I’m going to give you a round-up of the different top beard styles.

We’re going to go all the way from bushy beards to thin beard styles for the slow-growing gentleman. If you’re struggling to find motivation, I’m even going to give you a few reasons why you should explore different beard styles.

Strap yourself in and read on to find your perfect look this season.

Why Should You Explore Different Types of Beard?

Far too often, the bearded male grows complacent, settling for whatever look is gracing his face at the time. It’s understandable – growing a beard takes a lot of time and dedication and, as I’ve already mentioned, changing beard styles can be a pretty risky move.

If you don’t experiment, however, how are you going to know that you’re on the top of your game? A couple of trims and a bit of shaping could have you on peak form, after making only a few minor changes.

The perfect beard styles are out there and finding the one for you will boost your masculinity, improve your confidence and ultimately, make you irresistible to the opposite sex. Take a look at some of the beard styles that your face could definitely be rocking.

This Season’s Top Beard Styles

The Bandholz

Created and aptly named by founder of BeardBrand, Eric Bandholz, this beard is an all-out war against clean shaven styles. Characterized by its bushy appearance and characteristic lack of trimming, this style is perfect for anyone looking to push their beard game to the max, without having to invest much time into maintenance.

founder of BeardBrand, Eric Bandholz

Eric quit his job in the corporate world after receiving too many negative comments about his face mane. He’s subsequently dedicated his life to the bearded cause and has built a brand that focuses on products for bearded men.

Perfect For…

This style is perfect for the nonchalant man with fast-growing facial hair, who also isn’t afraid to take risks. If you live in a cold area too, this one is definitely going to help you out during those chilly months.

Beard styles like this are particularly well-suited to men with diamond, oval, triangle, inverted triangle and oblong face shapes.

Achieve This Beard Style By…

Letting your hormones run rampant and throwing your razor in the trash are the primary steps to this style. A two-month stint in the secluded wilderness is also an option, as Leonardo Di Caprio was sporting an impressive Bandholz in The Revenant. Hopefully you’ll manage to nail this beard style minus the bears. It’d probably help to get those hormones pumping, though.

The Bandholz requires minimal maintenance, so it can be achieved by simply leaving your genetics to do their thing. If you struggle to grow hair quickly, you might be better off checking out some thin beard styles.

The Garibaldi

Do you often find yourself struggling to make time for a morning grooming routine? You’ve come to the right beard style. The Garibaldi is a truly stylish face bush that any man would be proud to bear.

The Garibaldi Beard Style

This style is slightly better kept than the Bandholz, so it will need trimming once in awhile. As a result, it’s best to hang onto that razor for now.

Perfect For…

Similar to the Bandholz, the Garibaldi is perfect for people who are time-poor but genetics-rich.

This beard style is perfectly suited for those with rectangular or oval faces.

Achieve This Beard Style By…

If you’re gifted with the power to grow, let your hormones do the talking and sit back. Minimal grooming is needed to keep this style in check, although the occasional trim will be required.

Goatee Overflow

Also referred to as the Hollywoodian, the goatee overflow is a prime combination of the goatee and an excellent mustache. If you’re looking to free up some real estate on your cheeks, this beard style is for you.

Goatee Overflow Brad Pitt
Goatee Overflow Brad Pitt 1

Originally made famous by Brad Pitt, this style has now left California and is being sported by men across the world.

Perfect For…

If you’re looking for a beard style without the excessive cheek hair and mutton chops, this one is for you. It’s also one of the best styles for patchy types of beards.

This look is perfect for people with an oval or square face shape. You’re probably beginning to see the trend with face shapes here. If you’ve got an oval face, lucky you. You’re going to be able to pull the majority of these styles off without looking like a mix and match Lego character

Achieve This Beard Style By…

Leave your facial hair untouched for a couple of weeks, or until a medium length stubble has cropped up. After this, begin by sculpting a tight line fitted around your jaw. Next, shave down from your cheek line until the length meets that of your lower lip. It’s up to you, but it’s usually a good idea to make sure your cheek line is shaved parallel to your jaw.

Friendly Mutton Chops

Do you want to look fun and approachable, but with a quirky, masculine edge? The friendly mutton chops will nail it for you. Also known as the sideburns, the term was coined by American Civil War general Ambrose Burnside. What a name.

Friendly Mutton Chops

Perfect For…

This beard style is perfect for those with an oval, square or circular face. It’s also ideal for men with strong chins that they don’t want to draw further attention to with facial hair.

Achieve This Beard Style By…

As with most beard styles, it starts with a period of continuous growing. Nail this style by letting your hair grow out for around 4 weeks, then shaving out your chin and lower lip. Depending on your preference, you can also trim and shave your neckline up to meet your jawline. Continue to grow your mutton chops and mustache until bushy.

Full Beard

Without a doubt the most masculine of the beard styles, the full beard is also the most popular. Whether you want to set yourself apart from the rest with a more unique style is up to you, but the full beard is a style that many can rock to perfection.

Full Beard

Perfect For…

This beard style will work for pretty much everyone, as you will no doubt have seen from the sheer number of men sporting it. It is, however, best suited to men with a triangle, inverted triangle or diamond face shape.

Achieve This Beard Style By…

Your ability to command this style is, sadly, largely down to genetics. If you excel when it comes to growing hair pretty much wherever, this style isn’t going to pose too much of a problem. However, if you’re looking for beard styles for patchy beards, this one probably isn’t for you.

To get this look, stop shaving altogether for a period of 4-6 weeks. After that, style in clean lines with your razor on your neck and cheek lines. Depending on how quickly your hair grows, maintain a set length by trimming it as required. This will help to keep your beard stylish and looking tidy.

Van Dyke

Coined by the popular painter Anthony Van Dyke, this beard style has surged in and out of popularity since his life over 300 years ago. Combining two popular elements of facial hair, the Van Dyke involves a high level of styling precision and maintenance to keep both the mustache and goatee on point.Anthony Van Dyke

Anthony Van DykeVan Dyke Beard Style

Current Van Dyke Style

Perfect For…

If you have a narrow chin, this style is absolutely perfect for you. It’ll help to draw attention away from it and accentuate it, making it look larger, wider and more pronounced. Should you want to strengthen your jawline too, you can also extend this beard style with a chin strap.

Achieve This Beard Style By…

Grow your hair out until it becomes long, fine stubble. This can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks, depending on how quickly your facial hair grows. After you’ve got a good length to work with, slowly begin to sculpt your facial hair, removing it from both the left and right sides of your cheeks.

Without shaving your mustache, sculpt the soul patch under your bottom lip into the desired shape and leave the beard to grow until about 2 inches in length. Again, this is down to personal preference. If you want to become a bearded Rapunzel and push the beard length to the max, we say go for it.


Robert Downey Jr. has been rocking this style for years and for good reason – it’s awesome. Throughout The Avengers movie series, he’s maintained this style to perfection and shown the rest of the male world how it’s done. If you like his style, why not give it a go?Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr.

Perfect For…

Much like the Van Dyke, this beard style is perfect for those with a narrow chin who are looking to strengthen and pronounce it. The Balbo can also help to draw attention away from other features, such as a larger nose.

Achieve This Beard Style By…

Before beginning this beard style, you need a sufficient canvas to work from. Make sure you let your facial hair grow out for a good 4-6 weeks. If you have trouble growing hair on your cheeks and are looking for beard styles for patchy beards, the Balbo could work well for you.

After you’ve got your beard to a good length, begin to shave off any cheek, jaw and neck hair on around the center of your chin. Then, carefully shave the gaps between your mustache and goatee.

Products You’ll Need

Although beards are free and grow on their own, they unfortunately don’t groom themselves. This means that there are a few items you’re going to need to help your style along the way.

In fact, there are even some items listed below that’ll promote fuller and faster beard growth. Take a look to find out what you’ll need:

1) A Beard Trimmer

In order to perfect any of the beard styles mentioned above, you’re going to need to invest in a purpose-built trimmer for your beard. This doesn’t necessarily have to be the most expensive model on the market, but you should look for one that comes with a warranty and will last you for several years. You can usually get a good one for around $20.

One of our favorites is the Philips Norelco Multigroom. At that $20 mark you’ll get a beard trimmer from an industry-leading and widely recognized brand who produce reliable and high-performing products.

In the kit, you’ll receive the main trimmer, a travel case and several length attachments to contour your beard and get it looking its best.

2) Beard Balms and Oils

During the beard-growing process, especially if this is your first serious facial hair, your skin isn’t likely to take a pounding. In order to promote a healthy complexion, we suggest you invest in a good beard balm or beard oil.

Once again, these aren’t going to break the bank. In fact, you can pick up a good beard oil or balm for around $15. For that money, they’re well worth the purchase.

Beard balms and beard oils will help to moisturize the underlying skin on your face, reducing your chance of developing the dreaded ‘beardruff’. They’ll also reduce the chance of you developing ingrown hairs and can even work proactively to promote hair growth.

3) A Beard Brush

This one might sound a little strange, but a beard brush is a piece of kit you don’t know you need until you don’t have one. Trust us – by that point, you’re really going to need it.

In unison with beard oils and balms, a good beard brush will help with even product distribution and will massage the underlying skin to promote a healthy complexion.

On their own, they’re an essential tool to make sure your beard remains knot-free and is looking its finest at all times.​

​For an in-depth look, check out our review of the top 5 beard brushes. My personal favorite from the list is Smooth Viking beard brush. It’s made with 100% boar hair and works better than any I’ve seen before.

Keep It Clean

It might seem obvious, but be sure to work a good beard wash into your daily washing routine. Beards can help to stop any infections or viruses from entering your body, but for a short time they’re still going to be stuck within the hairs. To start with, a regular sensitive hair shampoo will work fine for your beard. If you start to experience any dry skin, it’s time to invest in a proper beard shampoo.

If this is your first beard grow, check out our guide on growing a beard. You’ll find some useful tips on how to grow a beard the right way, which will no doubt save you time and effort down the line.

As with your dress sense, beards are a great way of defining what kind of man you are. Whether you’re going for longer or patchy beard styles, you’ve got the power to make it happen. Pick your look and start growing!

No-Shave November – The Bearded Man’s Movember Alternative

So you’ve heard of Movember, sure. It’s the time of year where men across the world band together and grow awesome mustaches for an even awesome cause. But what if you’re not ready to kiss goodbye to your facial hair for just a month of mustache growing? If only there was a way for you to keep your beard and still raise money for a great cause?

Enter No-Shave November. Cousin to Movember, No-Shave November is a way that you can raise awareness of male-related health, including cancer and mental health issues. It’s also a fantastic excuse to keep your beard on the grow.

Where Did No-Shave November Start?

In 2007, a gentleman by the name of Matt Hill tragically lost the fight to colon cancer. It was after this that his 8 children – 4 of them boys – decided to do something in his honor.

That something was No-Shave November. In an interview with, the family described the thought process behind setting the event up:

“A lot of cancer patients undergo chemo and they lose hair. So we grow our hair for those that are losing it,” said Christine Hill, one of Matt Hill’s daughters. “And then, the money that you would have spent on hair removal is donated to the cause.”

In 2009, the oldest sister of the family Rebecca, officially launched No-Shave November as a non-profit organization. With the help of one of her friends, they raised $2,000 for the cause. Since then, it’s grown a bit – last year, they raised over $1 million.

Today heard that even Thomas, who is the youngest of the siblings at just 16, is committing hours of his life to helping out. Although he’s hardly shaving as it stands, he gets involved in other ways.

“I come home from school, I check online for all the bracelet orders. I pack all those up, have to go to the post office, ship them out,” he said. “Then later, I’ll go online and check for support emails because I also respond to those, help people out. Make sure the donations are still coming in, no-one’s having issues. And I also help my brother design the website.”

They’re all getting involved and you should too. It’s for a fantastic cause.

Movember vs No-Shave November – What’s the Difference?

This one has confused us before, so we don’t blame you if you’re not quite sure. Two facial-hair themed charity events that both have month-pun-based names. Not the easiest to differentiate between.

The Movember Foundation claims to be “the only charity tackling men’s health on a global scale, year-round.” If you ask me, it sounds like there’s a bit of competition.

The point of Movember is to throw in the facial hair towel at the start of the month, shave clean, and grow a badass Mo alongside your fellow bros. Through doing this, you’re meant to raise funds towards various partner-charities that help with male illnesses such as prostate cancer.

The Movember Foundation was founded back in 2003 when two Australian dudes by the names of Luke Slattery and Travis Garone decided to club together for a good cause. By 2015, they’d raised over $710 million. They operate in 21 countries (and counting), so their claim of tackling men’s health on a global scale is definitely founded.

No-Shave November, however, is a “web-based, non-profit organization devoted to growing cancer awareness and raising funds to support cancer prevention, research, and education.”

As opposed to shaving clean and starting afresh on your quest for an awesome mustache, men worldwide are encouraged to get involved by throwing the razor aside and letting the hair grow wild. It’s a convenient opportunity for me, as I’d already set aside November for a full-on grow period. Now I can do that whilst raising money for charity. It’s a win-win.

Women are even encouraged to get involved. Let that body hair grow out for the entirety of November in the name of charity and goodwill. You’ll probably even save a bit of money on those waxing appointments.

Although No-Shave November might be the easier option for bearded gents reluctant to shave clean, both charities are not-for-profit, so it doesn’t really matter which one you do. It’s entirely down to personal preference, as the money will go to a good cause no matter what.

How to Keep your Beard in Check During No-Shave November
If you’re not shaving, that doesn’t mean you can just leave your beard to its own devices. If it’s out there on its own in the cold winter months, it’s going to let you know about it. These complaints will come in the forms of beardruff, split-ends and general unattractive frizz.

Don’t worry, though, there are several inexpensive ways you can keep on top of the mountain of hair that’ll soon be exploding from your face. Take a look at the following products and learn about their benefits:

Beard Oils

As you probably already know, beard oils are a great way of keeping your facial hair in line. They’ll moisturize the underlying skin, preventing outbreaks of beardruff, as well as keep your hair soft.

Unless you’re looking to pay mad money, you’ll do well to find a better oil than that produced by Smooth Viking. It looks great, smells great, and trust me – it’ll make that beard of yours feel great.

Beard Shampoos

Let’s take it back a step. Before you apply your beard oil, you’re going to want to work a good beard shampoo into your daily shower routine. Although it might look rugged, beards require a lot of care and attention to keep them in top condition.

When washing each morning (or whenever you do it, nobody’s judging), massage a small amount of beard shampoo into your facial hair, then rinse it out. By doing this, you’ll be able to exfoliate the skin underneath your beard, removing any dead cells and particles of that burrito you destroyed on Saturday night.

The shampoo you buy doesn’t need to break the bank. Check out this option from Beardsmen Spirit – the refreshing fragrance of their all-natural US oils will leave you feeling chilled and refreshed.

Beard Balms

If you really feel like splashing some cash and treating yourself a little, you should definitely take a look at some beard balms. Considering you’re not going to be shaving for a month straight, it’s understandable that your beard might get a little out of control. That’s where beard balms come in.

Think of them as the lovechild of beard oils and beard waxes – they’ll give you all of the conditioning nourishing benefits of oil, with the style and control of a wax. They’re basically the hair spray of the beard world, except they’re good for you and the environment, too.

If you’re in need of a good beard balm, check out the likes of Brooklyn Botany. Not only are you going to catch all of the fantastic benefits a beard balm has to offer, but you’ll also be able to enjoy the incredible scents of jojoba, orange, and argan oil whilst doing it. This isn’t one to be missed.

So there you have it – everything you need to know about No-Shave November, including a couple of essential product suggestions to help you get through the month.

For information on how you can get involved with No-Shave November, take a look at their website.

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Bald With a Beard? Here Are 10 Amazing Styles You Can Try!

Many men want to beautify their faces in some interesting way, but often don’t want to spend a lot of money. Well, good news folks – beards look great and they don’t cost a cent to grow. Judging by the well-known magazines, such as ‘GQ’ and ‘Esquire,’ the most popular style is currently the three-day beard. However, more and more men decide to go for the ‘mountain man’ look, thanks to the popularity gained by the beard among hipsters.

Having a bald head has also become very fashionable, which is a wonderful coincidence. Why? Because if you’re lucky enough to be able to grow a beard, rocking it with a smooth dome up top is going to look awesome. Beards go fantastic with a bald head! Style and length options are, basically, unlimited when it comes to beards, so you can opt for any style of your choosing and look extraordinary.

The 10 Bald-Head Beard Styles You Need to Know About

Here, we’ll give you some examples of bald men with beards and, possibly, convince you to grow one yourself and wear it proudly with your bald head.

1) Wide Stubble

This is one of the easiest styles to achieve with your beard. Just let your facial hairs grow without shaving for a couple of days and once they’ve grown enough, you can style them any way you want with a razor blade to finish off your look.

This is a great look for a bald head, since having nothing on top, makes the short facial hairs stand out even more.

2) Scruffy-Looking Beard

The simplest of methods is what sometimes works the best. All you need in order to achieve this look is a pair of scissors. Trimming your beard to give it that scruffy appearance will be even more thrilling since there is not a single hair on the head and plus, it’ll give you all the man points you need.


Scruffy-Looking Beard

3) The Bruce Willis Look

Bruce Willis is one of the best actors there is, and he’s been wearing a beard with a bald head since, well, forever. To achieve this look, all you have to do is grow your facial hair for 2-3 days, and it will give you the ultimate Hollywood bad-boy look no woman will be able to resist.

Bruce Willis

4) Full Beard

If you’re going for a more professional look, the full beard is the right answer for you. All you have to do is keep it neat and clean. It may take a bit more work and grooming compared to some of the other styles, but it will definitely be worth the time. And having dark-colored hairs is a big bonus if you’re going for this look, as it adds texture and makes it look even more amazing.

Full Beard

5) Wavy Beard

Some men’s beard will naturally grow like this, while others will need to style their hairs to make them look wavy.

While it is definitely a look, a wavy beard isn’t as easy to maintain and it will demand some grooming to keep it soft and perfect. Beards like this tend to get tangled, so you will need to use a comb to keep the hairs from getting knotted.

Wavy Beard

6) The Thin Beard Look

While you could basically count each and every strand in this entire thin beard, it is an amazing bald with beard look. The thin strands will complement your bald head and pairing this with a mustache could just be the home run of styles for you.

Thin Beard

7) A Colorful Bush

If you want to step up your beard game even further, why not dye it a different color? You can be sure that your style will be unique, and having no hair will further emphasize its awesomeness.

It will take a bit more maintenance, for sure, but guaranteed all eyes would be on you when you walk into a room.

Colorful Bush

8) Neat and Disconnected

Far from a traditional beard and mustache, this is a perfect shaved head and beard look to make you stand out. The beard is full and neatly trimmed, but the mustache is disconnected from it. You can choose whether you want your mustache to be a bit thicker, or just leave it as a thin line above your upper lip to achieve this unique look.

Neat and Disconnected

9) The Goatee

I could bet there is no man on Earth capable of growing a beard that hasn’t, at some point or another, tried rocking the (in)famous goatee. And although many have tried it, not everyone has been so lucky as to pull this look off.

The goatee is easy to style and maintain and therefore, it might be the best beard for a bald head. If you have a square-shaped face or a stronger, more prominent jawline, this is definitely the beard style that will complement your look the most.


10) Let it Grow, Let it Grow, Let it Grow…

Many bald men with beards choose to simply, well, let their beards grow, and the longer, the better is the motto of those going for this type of look. A long beard will, however, demand regular grooming and combing, even an occasional trim just to make the hair grow even faster.

Let it Grow

Why Should You Rock the Beard?

If you are still not convinced you should pair your shaved head with a beard, here are a few more reasons why that might be a perfect idea.

1. Work the Stubble

If you cannot grow a full beard or simply like to keep it short, go for the stubble beard since it is easy to maintain it at home.

2. Testosterone to the Max

The testosterone in a male’s body could lead to loss of hair, but it can also contribute to hair growth in other places – like on your face. If this is the case with you, you should definitely consider growing a beard.

3. Improve Your Dome’s Look

You can make your whole head look better by choosing the appropriate style to match your face shape. Your barber can maybe help here and tell you what will work best for you.

4. Draw eyes elsewhere

If you don’t like your bald head, a beard will draw the attention away from your head.

5. Beards are forever

The beard never goes out of style, and neither does a mustache! Style it the way you like it best and flaunt it because you’ve got it.

How to Style Your Bald-Headed Beard

Styling Beard

Now, if you have already decided to grow a beard and pair it with your magnificently bald head, here are some things you’ll need to know.

Growing and Shaping

If you want to stylize your beard yourself, assess what length will work best for you and what will compliment your face shape and head the best. Also, when you want to take off excess neck hair, make sure that you don’t go too low or too high because it will significantly contribute to the overall impression. If your beard grows high on your cheekbones, you should consider shaving that off too.


Once you have established what length works best for you, you’ll need to maintain it at that length regularly. That means trimming.

Regardless of whether you decide to go to the barber shop or invest in a trimmer yourself, shorten the beard roughly once a week, depending on how fast it grows. This will make it easier to maintain once you’ve gotten the desired shape.


This probably won’t come off as a surprise, but the beard is made out of hair. And as shampoo is used on your head, it should be used on your beard too. It is recommended that you, at least occasionally, put some conditioner on your beard after washing in with shampoo. It will make your beard look more groomed, as well as making it softer and easier to shape.


Once in a while, your beard will need some extra styling to make it look good. If you’re looking for a way to keep your beard in check, a good beard balm will definitely get the job done. If you’re after all of the softening benefits without the added control, beard oil is the balm’s little brother and has got what you need.


Beard hair can also get tangled. How often you are going to comb your beard will depend on what type of hair you’ve got. You can use a regular comb for this or invest in a boar bristle beard brush for the full experience.

Problems and Solutions

Got beardruff? Not a problem. These are dead cells that have been retained on the hair and can be solved by regular beard oil use. Don’t, however, use regular anti-dandruff shampoo on your beard, as you’ll cause yourself a whole world of trouble.

We’ve written a pretty in-depth article about how you can cure beardruff, which you can find here.

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These Dudes are Covering Their Beards in Glitter and it Looks Awesome!

Some dudes are always going to be looking for new ways to express themselves and this time, the trend has hit facial hair. Across social media, dudes are starting to cover their beards in glitter. Why? Interestingly enough, nobody is actually giving a reason for this. Perhaps they’re trying to get in-tune with the festive vibes or maybe they’re trying to brighten up their faces with some gold sparkles. Most likely, however, it’s because they look kinda funky and people are eating it up on Instagram.

In a strange follow-on from last year’s spectacle of putting flowers in their beards, this year dudes are donning glitter beards.

The social media trend seems to have originated with bonafide Instagram celebrities ‘The Gay Beards’. These dudes have been covering their beards in everything imaginable for years now, with photos ranging from facial hair coated in cheetos to lit candles – ouch. Their most successful photo by far, however, has been this one, featuring both of them with their badass beards completely coated in golden glitter.

Take a look at some of 2016’s best and brightest glitter beards below:

Source: @TheGayBeards
Source: @sql1fe
Source: @TheGayBeards
Source: @TheGayBeards
Source: @blaurent_
Source: @callidus
Source: @blaurent_
Source: @TheGayBeards

Making Your Own Glitter Beard

Fancy giving it a go yourself? Surprisingly, it’s actually pretty easy. To make your glitter beard, you’re going to need 3 primary ingredients – beard oil, glitter, and a beard to throw it all on.

Start by running your beard oil through your beard. This is used to make sure that the glitter doesn’t fall straight out onto your carpet. Once you’ve got a decent amount applied, add in the glitter. That’s basically it. Instagram away and watch those likes pour in.

If you’re looking for good beard oil, check out The Woodsman by The Bearded Bastard. It’s made of the best natural ingredients and has a gorgeous woody scent to it. If you’re looking for a glitter beard, or are just looking to give your facial hair that extra boost, check it out.

For more beard-related posts, follow us on social media!

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What is Movember? Here’s Absolutely Everything You Need to Know

It’s that time of the year again. Although the weather might be getting colder around us, it’s actually spring-time for beards. In preparation for the cold months ahead, many men are discarding scarves and opting to grow their own face-warmers.

Growing a beard isn’t always easy for everyone, as a lot of it comes down to genetics. Once those hairs on that face of yours start to take shape, however, it’s incredibly rewarding.

If you haven’t grown facial hair before, there could be any number of reasons for this. Perhaps you’ve got a discerning partner who doesn’t like you with a scratchy face (we can fix that), or maybe your boss has an old-fashioned view and thinks workplace faces should be fully trimmed.

Just remember – there’s an even bigger reason to test-drive some new facial hair this fall. It’s called Movember and it stands for something great. Besides, Abraham Lincoln had a beard and he was totally President of the United States. Are you really gonna let middle management control your facial hair?

How Do You Define Movember?

Every year in the month of November, brave men band together and grow impressive facial hair for a great cause. That cause? To raise awareness of the men dying too young every day, from aggressive illnesses such as testicular and prostate cancer.

It also stands to raise awareness of prominent issues that are often far more well-hidden, such as mental health issues and depression. Similar to breast cancer awareness, it’s a global movement that people take part in worldwide.

Movember was born in 2003 in Melbourne when some guys got together and decided to rekindle an old trend. That trend was the mustache.

As many as 30 dudes participated and it turns out that they had a pretty good time. If you haven’t tried before, growing a mustache is a barrel of laughs. The following year, they decided to introduce charitable donations for it and 450 people took part. Together, they managed to raise an insane $43,000 in charitable donations.

This number, was nothing when compared to what it stands at now and by 2012, Movember had grown beyond their wildest dreams. That year, Movember was a bona fide charity event across 21 countries which raised an incredibly $154 million.

Why Should You Take Part?

This November, band together with the other brave men who either abandoning their smooth faces or sacrificing their full beards. There are some really good reasons why you should take part:

1) For men under 35, suicide stands as the most common cause of death

2) 1 in 8 men will develop prostate cancer over the course of their lives

3) Every hour, a man dies from prostate cancer

4) Prostate cancer occurs in men as frequently as breast cancer occurs in women

5) 47% of testicular cancer diagnoses are of men under 35

Why Movember Mustaches Are Great

1) If you’ve always wanted a mustache but never had the excuse to grow one, Movember is basically the best excuse you can find. Let your upper lip loose and get growing.

2) Get a mustache on your face and discuss male health awareness with your fellow bros.

3) By growing a mustache, you’ll become a Mo Bro. This means that you’ll essentially be a walking, talking advertisement for Movember and everything it stands for.

Other Reasons Mustaches Are Cool

1) Two of the greatest Rons in history – Ron Burgundy and Ron Swanson – both have mustaches. Coincidence? I think not. Could a mustache stir an insatiable talent for jazz from deep within you too? Who am I to say. Probably worth a try, though.

What more reason could you possibly need?

Ron Burgundy
Ron Swanson

How Do You Get Involved With Movember?

The first step to getting involved is registering. It seems simple because it is. All you have to do is sign up online and you’re good to go.

Before this, however, you need to decide if you’re growing solo or as part of a team. Yes, that’s right – you and your friends can join existing Movember teams, or even start your own to really heat up the competition. Movember defines the options as:

On Your Own

Run as a lone wolf by growing or supporting a mustache solo. You can always start or join a pack later.

Start a Team

Be the leader of the pack, as the captain of your team. Unite your friends, family and colleagues under the flag of mustache.

Join a Team

There’s strength in number, power in the pack. Unite in an existing team. All you need to find them is the team or captain’s name.

What Are the “Official” Rules?

It saddens us to say that one of the primary rules of Movember is that there are no beards to be seen. The following rules are also to be abided by:

Start Clean-Shaven

Movember is about fresh starts, which is why you’ve gotta have a fresh face to match. By the 1st of November, your face must be completely shaved. Starting with any kind of stubble on your upper lip will peg you as a cheat. It’s time to calm your shaking hands and put razor to skin.

Grow and Groom

To stay in the competition, you must both grow and groom your mustache for the entirety of November. That means no touching razors or trimmers, save to keep your mustache in shape. You’re permitted to prune your mustache into a desirable format.

No Beards Allowed

To stay in the competition, you must both grow and groom your mustache for the entirety of November. That means no touching razors or trimmers, save to keep your mustache in shape. You’re permitted to prune your mustache into a desirable format.

Official Movember Rules from

What Happens to the Money?

Good things, that’s what happens to the money. The funds raised by Movember are pooled from all of the countries involved and distributed among various programs. These programs are individually tailored and executed to have a lasting affect on the face of men’s health.

These programs are delivered by the Movember Foundation, a registered charity with partners in each of the participating countries.

Community Matters

One of the best things about Movember is that you don’t necessarily need to know anyone else doing it to get involved. Community is a concept that’s stressed very strongly amongst Mo Bros and there are a variety of activities and parties that you can get involved in.

The official events that they organize can be viewed by downloading their awesome app from iTunes or the Google Play store. Check it out now and widen your social circle.

Image Credit: Movember Foundation

The Man of Movember

The International Man of Movember is chosen from 21 national winners all over the world to wear the crown and be the face of Movember for a whole year. Each national Man of Movember winner is voted in at that particular country’s main Gala Parté, held at the end of November, by both judges and fans.

So, How Do You Grow a Mustache?

It might seem like a self-explanatory question, but a whole lot more goes into growing a mustache than you may have originally thought.

Take a look at the following steps to guide yourself through the process:

1) Stop Shaving It

Obviously, we know, but this is the first step of growing your marvelous lip-warmer. Stop shaving the area where you want your mustache to grow until you have a good amount of length. Depending on your genetics, you should have a decent amount of hair after around 10 days. Keep hold of your razor and make sure to keep any excess hair from encroaching on your mustache from the side of your face. You don’t want to be disqualified.

After you’ve got a good amount of hair, get hold of a decent beard trimmer and a pair of scissors. Use the beard trimmer to maintain a set length for your mustache and make use of the scissors to remove those pesky hairs that grow and curl around your lip. They’re pretty frustrating.

Alternatively, you can go for the rugged look and let your mustache run wild.

2) Scrub Away

One important part of growing a mustache that people often forget is exfoliation. Keeping your skin in top condition will accentuate your mustache, which is a benefit you don’t want to miss out on. By removing dead skin cells underneath the hair, you’ll also be able to keep your mustache healthy.

3) Get the Shampoo Out

Most people think that facial hair – including mustaches – manages itself and doesn’t require much care. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Mustache hairs in particular can become very coarse, which isn’t fun for anyone. By shampooing it every day, you’ll be able to soften the hairs and even promote fuller growth. Incorporate it into your morning shower routine to see the results.

4) Dry it Before Cutting

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when cutting your mustache is doing so when it’s wet. The water will weigh-down the hair, causing it to appear longer than it is. Without knowing you’re doing so, you could accidentally take off much more of your mustache than you wanted to.

5) Wax it Up

As a general rule, it’s best to keep your Mo looking as natural as possible. That doesn’t mean you can’t still have a bit of fun with it, though. Give yourself a little treat by purchasing some wax and applying it carefully. You’ll be able to craft and fashion those unruly hairs into a format that works for you. Warm your fingers before applying and spread the wax evenly through your hair.

6) Comb Away

An investment in a good beard and mustache comb set will be money well spent, especially when the hairs start to get longer and less well-behaving.

As well as keeping your style and shape in check, a mustache and beard comb will also work wonders for evenly distributing wax among the hairs. This isn’t always easy to do with your hands. You can also use a mustache comb to make trimming with scissors a far easier task.

7) Experiment With Stubble

Although beards are strictly off the menu for you when taking part in Movember, nobody has said anything about stubble.

If this is your first mo-grow, you might be a little concerned about how the standalone ‘tache will look on your face. This can easily be remedied by growing stubble around it and maintaining it at a set low length of 2-3mm.

8) Choose a Style That Works For Your Face

Not taking into account your face shape when growing a mustache could be a grave error. Pick the wrong Movember styles and you’re probably going to have to ride it out for the remainder of the month.

Square faces typically look better with longer mustaches. If you’ve got a rounder face, opt for a medium-length style that has a subtly triangular shape.

On the other hand, Movember is about raising awareness and meeting new people. If it makes you happy, grow whatever kind of mustache you want.

9) Nail the Twirl

One characteristic look of the modern mustache is the twirl on each of the tips. This can be achieved by warming your hands, taking a small amount of wax between your fingers, and twisting up the ends of each side of your mustache. It’ll definitely help you stand out and it can really complete the look.

10) Keep it Moisturized

Moisturizing is an important part of keeping your mustache in check. Growing a mustache takes moisture away from your skin, which can leave your upper lip particularly dry. This can create flaky, dead skin cells which, if left unattended, will make your mustache look pretty unappealing.

Invest in a good beard oil and massage it through your mustache every day after a shower. Be sure to dry your mustache fully beforehand, though, as oil doesn’t work well with water.

You’ll only need around 1 drop of oil, as it goes a long way. Using too much will make your mustache greasy and you’ll have to wash it fully to rectify this. After adding the oil, promote even distribution with your mustache comb.

Products You’ll Need

Don’t worry – you’re not alone on your quest for mustache glory. There are several products – some of which we’ve mentioned above – that’ll help you on your journey.

1) The Trimmer

To keep that Mo in check, you’ll need a good trimmer. We recommend the Philips Norelco 3100 series. It’s affordable and has everything you need to keep both your mustache and stubble under control.

It comes with adjustable height guards to keep your mustache tidy no matter the length it reaches, as well as other useful attachments for grooming the rest of your bodily hair. It’s also waterproof, so you can trim in the shower before your daily wash routine.

If you’re still not sure which one to buy, check out our guide showcasing the best beard trimmers that are available!​

2) Shampoo

Regular shampoo is designed for your head hair, not your facial hair. It often includes harsh chemicals that can actually make your skin worse than before. Investing in a reliable beard shampoo, such as this one from Mountaineer Brand, will ensure that your hair and face are cared for correctly.

3) Oils​

Maximize the health of your facial hair with a well-made bottle of all-natural beard oil. Beard oils will keep your mustache in the best shape, caring for both hair and skin and promoting fuller, richer growth. We’re in love with the oil from Smooth Viking and trust us, it’s well worth the money.

So there you have it – everything you need to know about Movember and growing a Mo that’ll make other bros jealous.

Keep in touch with us on social media and submit pictures of your growth progress. At the end of November, we’ll be giving away free beard gear to the one we like the best!

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Beards Aren’t Sexy? Think Again. 80% of World’s Sexiest Men Boast Facial Hair

Research in the past has shown that, although having a beard does increase how dominant and assertive you appear to other people, it doesn’t actually make you more attractive. Over increasing your actual personal looks, researchers believe that men grow beards to give them a leg-up over their competition.

This is one of the biggest explanations behind the fact that, if you look at the male/female ratio throughout history, whenever there were more men than women, beards started appearing on faces.

So, do beards actually make you more attractive to women or not? Although research says no, the top 10 world’s sexiest men list begs to differ. Out of the 10 that made the list this year, 80% of them have some kind of facial hair or another on their face.

Topping the list was Jamie Dornan, a Northern-Ireland born model, actor, and musician, who’s been boasting facial hair from his serial killer role in The Fall right up until his lead part in 50 Shades of Grey. Regardless of your opinions on his recent acting, that man’s got a face that was made to don a beard.

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