Do Women Actually Like Beards?

What a question. Of course they do. Not only is the beard a recognized sign of masculinity and maturity, it’s straight up beautiful in all its invitingly gorgeous glory.

Would you believe it that in the British military they aren’t allowed beards? Apart from the pioneer that’s. His job was to lead a unit through uncharted territory – and they came to prominence in the colonization of America and Canada, but let’s talk about that later…

A Hairy History

Since the early days of woolly mammoths and even woollier faces, man has worn his facial blanket. It most likely started because Mr. Flintstone noticed one day that these wispy little hairs were sprouting forth from his chin, and decided that they looked pretty rad. The enemy of the beard at the time was the invention of the sharp stone – but much like the cutthroat razor, it takes a lot of practice to shave your facial curtains with a rock…

It’s estimated that beards became somewhat fashionable in the 1850s. Before this a beard meant you were a bit of a renegade – a vagrant and a dirty savage. From the mid 19th century the upstanding gentlemen put down their razors and started to let their faces get all bushy. Thus the gentrification of the beard begun.

So we saw that North America was pioneered and founded by men with beards. Surely that makes it the sexiest thing of all time? I mean if the exploration of a continent doesn’t touch your buttons then I don’t know what will. Unfortunately, the history lesson doesn’t really answer our burning question – do girls like beards?

Do Women Like Beards?

History is cool but you’re here to find out if the ladies really are beholding your bush in high regard right? Well, to find out we went out and asked some members of the fairer sex what they thought. Want to know what they said about your face fur? Read on.


So the pros to having a beard are apparently thus: you’re not creepy. Quite a few females from our sample actually used the word ‘creepy’ to describe clean-shaven guys. I’m glad I tossed my razors long ago before going out to ask those ladies. Apparently the reason behind this is that it makes you look baby-faced; and the face of a baby should be left on a baby.

As offensive as it may be to guys with a smooth face, I do see their point. Beards are definitely associated with masculinity and if you’re masculine that makes you a man right? There’s a difference between men and boys – a baby face makes you a boy in the eyes of these women. So slap on some stubble and it’ll make you a man…

Another pro is that, and I quote “beards are sexy as hell”. Whenever Satan suddenly got sexy I have no idea, but he must have done it with a bossed-out burning bush upon his face. According to a number of girls in our survey, beards remind them of all things to do with strength and masculinity. Psst, get these guys, even if you don’t go to the gym a beard can make you seem strong to your lady. Forget spending $40 a month to pretend you hit the heavyweights. Save cash and grow a beard.


I have to say there is about a 60/40 split when it comes to opinions on the beard in our survey. 60% in favor and 40% against. Here are some of the cons of having a beard according to our lovely ladies.

Men with beards have been described as ‘disgusting vagrants’. Again, their words not mine. I guess the ‘disgusting’ bit refers to hygiene? I mean I have a beard but I wash so it must be that these ladies don’t like the look of a beard period. Perhaps if had one they’d understand? Ah well no point trying to convince them.

Interestingly when we asked “do girls like facial hair” the responses against furry faces tended to be about grooming. Beards supposedly make us look older as well. Some ladies put a lot of effort into looking young so I guess they found it weird that a guy might want to look a bit older than he is.

Here’s the one I found weird guys: some women think that men with beards have bad faces. If you have an ugly chin under that thing, then watch out. Apparently it’ll be your fault if you give life to boys with your wife and they’re not good looking until puberty kicks in.

It was also suggested by our female counterparts that full beards can be scratchy and stinky. The consensus is that we should only go for a 3-5 day stubble because it’s masculine, hassle-free, and enough to play with.

Come on Just Tell Us, Do They Dig it or Not?

Honestly I think it’s a harder question to answer than I originally might have unbiasedly presented. The majority opinion seems to be that beards are still sexy, despite the opposition claiming all kinds of hygiene issues.

The reality is it’s more about how long the beard is and if you maintain it appropriately. There are a lot of products out there like beard wax and oils, but all you really need is a bit of conditioner and a comb. I was a poor student for many a year so I know how to save a buck and look good trying.

In the end, it’s all down to personal preference; but our study showed us that girls do like beards still. Just make sure you get together with one of those if you’re planning on growing a fat load of fur on your face.

I can’t think of anything worse than getting trapped in a beardless relationship – imagine being forced to shave every day for love. If this is you then I’ve got to say she just isn’t the one dude.

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