What’s the Best Beard Comb? Here’s Our Review of the Top 5 of 2017!

As a man, growing a beard is one of the single most rewarding things you can do. It isn’t, however, always as simple as you’d think. After you’ve overcome the potential obstacle of filling out any gaps in your patchy beard, you’re then left with a bushy face-mane that can be a real challenge to control.

At this point – usually around 4 weeks in – many men succumb to the itchiness and hairiness and throw in the towel. There’s no shame surrounding this – in fact, I’ve crumbled and pulled out the razor several times along my beard growing journey. This is before I found out that there are products to help.

I’m blessed with great genes, so growing facial hair has never been the issue. The problem has come in the form of beardruff, itchiness and a mess of hair on my face that a bird could start a small family in.

One of the tools I wish I had’ve discovered back when I started out was the beard comb. It’s simple, inexpensive, and basically gets the job done. In this article, I’m going to impart my knowledge, sharing with you what you need to know about beard combs, including some of the industry’s best options. Together, we’ll find the best beard comb for you.

Beard Combs – What Are Your Options?

When looking for the best beard comb, you’ll be left with a few different choices. Finding the best beard comb for you will usually be down to the style, length and thickness of your own beard, but here are the main options for you to consider:

The Metal Beard Comb​

​If you can find the right manufacturer, a stainless-steel beard comb can look great. It will, however, be tougher on your skin. If you’ve got a thick, stubborn beard, a metal beard comb will be a great choice for you. If you’ve got sensitive skin, you’ll probably be better suited to a wooden beard comb.

The Wooden Beard Comb

Rustic, stylish, and oozing masculinity, finding the best wooden beard comb for you will provide you with a gentler grooming experience than its metal cousins.​

Rustic, stylish, and oozing masculinity, finding the best wooden beard comb for you will provide you with a gentler grooming experience than its metal cousins.

The Plastic Beard Comb​

​It’s not worth spending $10 on something that’ll last you 3 months when you can get something that’ll last a lifetime for $20. Much as with beard brushes, plastic teeth on a beard comb will actually end up doing damage to your skin with long-term use. Considering the fact that you’ve bought a beard comb to improve your beard and skin health, there’s not much benefit to plastic. As a result, if you’re after the best, wooden beard combs are the way to go.

​Our Top 5 Beard Combs

​In no particular order, we’ve pulled together the list of our top 5 favorite beard combs that the internet has to offer. Because who doesn’t love getting stuff delivered to your door with the click of a button?

1. Wild Man Tame Beard Boar Bristle Wooden Beard Comb

We’re going to kick this list off with a strong contender. This wooden beard comb from Wild Man Tame Beard (another awesome name) is the full package. Fashioned by hand from high-quality wood, this beard comb provides everything you need.

One side is equipped with a wide-tooth comb to gently tame your beard and aid in the even distribution of oil, whereas the other is fine-tooth to really nail the details. The comb isn’t all you get for the price, however. Wild Man Tame Beard are offering a 100% boar bristle beard brush as part of the set, too.

For any self-respecting man looking to get the most from his beard, boar bristle is the best you can get. Tough and sturdy, Wild Man Tame Beard’s 100% boar bristle brush will exfoliate your underlying skin, remove dead cells and loose hairs, eradicate any trapped food, and help to spread oil around your beard. It’s well worth checking out.Find Lowest Price

2. Majestic Samson Anti-Static Wooden Beard Comb

Regardless of what type of beard you’re boasting, Majestic Samson’s anti-static beard comb is a great solution for your problems. Equipped with both wide and fine-toothed sides, this beard comb is made from red sandalwood. Not only does its stylish color make it a must-have accessory for any discerning gentleman, the wood also gives off the warm aroma that sandalwood is so well known for.

Majestic Samson even supply a carry-case for this beard comb, meaning you can take your grooming on the go with ease. A great gift idea, this beard comb comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee – if you don’t love it, Majestic Samson will completely refund you.Find Lowest Price

3. Dream Bear beard Comb

This next option is definitely going to be kinder on your budget. The beard comb from Dream Bear comes in at a great price, making it an excellent option for any gentleman on a tight budget.

The high-quality wood used to craft this comb is both great for your beard and kind on the face, leaving you with softer skin and a smoother, fuller beard. Getting a substantial supply of nutrients and oxygen to your beard is essential to its health, so a gentle wooden come like that from Dream Bear that promotes blood flow will work wonders.Find Lowest Price

4. Rocky Mountain Barber Company Beard Comb

The Rocky Mountain Barber Company beard comb comes in at a mid-range price, but they haven’t cut any corners on quality. Making a great gift, the beard comb is presented in a beautiful velvet-lined box that’s designed to last a lifetime.

The comb itself is designed from smoked wood, giving it both a gorgeous appearance and smell. As with other wooden beard combs, the Rocky Mountain Barber Company have made theirs from wood to avoid any unwanted static, in addition to ensuring it’s built to survive travel.Find Lowest Price

5. Huntsman Beard Comb

This simple and affordable option from Huntsman is an all-in-one solution for male grooming, as it’s suitable for both head and beard hair. Solving the uncomfortable problem that the plastic beard comb presents, this wooden beard comb is completely non-static, so you’ll be in for no unpleasant surprises when using it.

Despite the price, the Huntsman beard comb is sturdy and reliable, able to stand its fair share of wear and tear. Its wide-cut teeth are also a great way of avoiding any nasty snags during the combing process.Find Lowest Price

Other Products to Check Out

In addition to your beard comb, there are several other items you can use to keep your beard on top form. Firstly, we recommend investing in a great beard shampoo, such as the one produced by Mountaineer Brand. It smells gorgeous, feels great and will leave your beard soft and full of life.

The next step you should take towards your complete Beardicure routine is investing in some high-quality beard oil. Smooth Viking make beard oil to die for and they’re a great place to start. Trust me – once you’ve tried their beard oil, you’re going to fall in love.

So there it is – your guide to finding the best beard comb for your beard. We surveyed the top beard combs on the market and by far, the most popular were wooden beard combs. Perhaps people just don’t like the feeling of metal or plastic scratching along their face, but it’s down to your own personal preference. What I know is that, although their prices vary, all of the wooden beard combs above are durable, high-quality, and will get your beard looking its very best.

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