Best Beard Oil – Your Essential Guide and Our Top 5 Products

Best Beard Oil

So you’ve started growing a beard - well done you. After weeks of heavy growing - and potentially weeks of frustration - you’ve grown an impressive face mane that’s truly enviable to other men.

Along with growing a beard, however, come a few problems. Itching, coarse hair and, not to mention, the dreaded beardruff. Don’t fear, however. We’ve rounded up a guide including the top rated beard oils, all of which will be able to fix your facial discomfort and restore your beard to its true glory.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about beard oils and discover our top 5 favorite options.


What Is Beard Oil?

If you’re a man with a beard, beard oil is the answer to your prayers. Although I’ve had a beard for the past 5 years, only over the past 6 months or so have I actually started using beard oils. Let me tell you - I’m mad at myself for not trying them sooner.

Beard oils are a cosmetic product that imitate the natural oils produced by the skin, which serve to nourish it and keep it in good health. Often cost-effective, a bottle of $15 beard oil will keep your facial hair in top shape for months on end. The key in its use is moderation - you only need a few drops from the pipet each day.

I’ve spent so many nights tossing and turning from one side of the pillow to the other, trying to find the perfect posture where my beard doesn’t prickle my face and keep me awake. Little did I know that a small, inexpensive bottle of beard oil would do the trick. Oh, the frustration.

Beard Oil

Woodsman Beard Oil by The Bearded Bastard

Why Should You Use Beard Oil?

For ladies, there’s nothing more attractive than a well-groomed man. To an extent, it’s the same for us gentlemen - if we see a dude rocking an awesome beard, we’re going to check it out.

A solid, well looked after beard will pay you dividends time and time again. It’s a real eye-magnet and can help you to catch attention far more easily than if you’re clean-shaven.

Many men believe that facial hair is there to stay and doesn’t need much maintenance - aside from the occasional trim. Despite its rugged feel and appearance, however, beards need a lot of looking after to ensure they’re at their best. In fact, you should care for your beard as much as you care for the hair on your head. Here’s why beard oil’s a good idea:

1) Attract the Right Attention

Whether that attention is good or bad, however, comes down to this. A well-groomed beard is an excellent addition to any style or personality, but a scruffy, out of style one can put a lot of people off.

Sure, we understand that you need to leave your beard untouched for over a month when you’re initially growing it (in fact, we tell you to do so), but after that point, there’s not really any excuse for looking unkempt.

Of course, your facial hair is to do with as you please - it’s on your face, after all. If you want to be on top form for the opposite sex, however, a bit of love and facial hair care is going to be on the cards.

Well Groomed Beard

2) Avoid (or Remedy) Split Ends

Especially heading into the winter months, those cold winds are going to dry and damage your beard hair, leading to split ends. These can send your beard absolutely haywire, making it pretty tricky to tame.

A good beard oil is the answer to this problem. Packed with essential nutrients, you’ll be able to patch your beard up and restore it to its former glory.

3) Eradicate Beardruff

You can have the greatest beard of all time, but if it starts snowing like New York at Christmas whenever someone runs their hands through it, the outcome won’t be great.

A well-used beard oil will help to combat beardruff, removing it from your face and patching up the skin underneath. The essential oils contained within will moisturize deep into the underlying skin and pores and help you to avoid any damage in the future. Those chilly winds can take their best shot - your beard is going to be on top form.

Beard Oil Result

Our Top 5 Favorite Beard Oils

Although I’ve only been using beard oils for the past few months, if you’ve used them in the past you’ll know that they’re addictive. One you’ve found a scent that you can rock on your face, you want to discover more. I’ve been no exception to this trend.

I’ve explored more beard oil brands than I care to admit and my bathroom cabinet is boasting enough bottles to open a facial hair apothecary. This list comes to you from both my own personal experience and the positive beard oil reviews of others. Have a look and see which one sounds right for you.

1) Smooth Viking Beard oil

I’m kicking this list off with a strong contender. Smooth Viking have produced a fantastic beard oil that’s perfect for men looking to attain a manageable and smooth bearded look.

All-Natural Oils

The natural oils used to make up the Bearded Viking beard oil are organic, so you don’t have to be worried about what’s going on your face. The oil itself is made up of such nourishing ingredients as castor oil, avocado oil and the increasingly popular argan oil. Get this product on your face, because it’s going to feel fantastic.

The oils are of a thick-enough consistency to be mess-free too, which is great because oils can get everywhere (I mean everywhere).​

Tame Your Bristly Beard

Save the bristles for your beard brush - your facial hair should be smooth and bountiful, not unruly and uncomfortable. As far as this feature is concerned, the Smooth Viking beard oil is an excellent addition. The natural oils will penetrate even the bushiest of beards and provide deep moisturization, soften the underlying skin as well as the beard hairs themselves.

Excellent For Beard Oil Newbies

The Smooth Viking beard oil is especially easy to use and it’s very reasonably priced. Some brands will offer maximum moisturization, but the prices will be significantly higher than an oil of this calibre. In my opinion, unless you’re a beard oil veteran, the only difference you’ll notice will be the scent.

2) Majestic Pure Beard Oil

This addition takes us slightly more towards the realm of the premium beard oil, as the price is slightly higher than the Smooth Viking oil. It does, however, come with a beautifully scented beard balm which will definitely come in handy for men with tricky to control beards and mustaches. Overall, it still works out as an affordable option.

No Harmful Ingredients​

Majestic Pure are sincere in their statement that they definitely don’t want you putting any bad things on your face. Far too many cheaper beard oils include harmful, ambiguous chemicals in their ingredients which can often be potent to the skin.

If you typically suffer from sensitive skin, you need to be wary of brands that use these chemicals, such as sodium laureth sulphate. This is a chemical agent used to create foam, but it’s also pretty potent to skin. There’s no reason for your beard oil to carry this particular ingredient, but you should watch out for it if you’re also going to invest in beard shampoos.

The Majestic Pure range is created using a combination of sesame, olive and argan oils to leave your beard feeling healthy, silky and fresh.

Beard Balm Included

Although oils are easier to get into the skin under your beard, balms work as a fantastic styling agent to keep your beard under control. This is perfect if you live close to the ocean or in another windy area where your beard can become frizzy quite easily.

Beard balms also have the added benefit of softening your beard hairs and stubble, which in turn will help you reduce any itching you might normally experience.

Money-Back Guarantee

​Majestic Pure are so confident in the products they’ve created, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not entirely satisfied with your purchase. They’re sure that they’re created the best beard oil/balm combination on the market and this guarantee should offer you some peace of mind with your purchase.

Majestic Pure Beard Oil

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3) Duck Butter Beard Oil Set

If you’re looking for value for money, Duck Butter have got the product for you. This set includes 4 separate full-sized beard oils, each bearing a delightfully unique fragrance. You’re really going to be spoilt for choice.​

Can’t Choose a Scent? You Don’t Have to

Duck Butter are obviously aware of the struggle men face when choosing a scented beard oil. Personally, I’ve spent more time than I care to admit trawling the internet, desperately trying to imagine how sandalwood organic beard oil smells.

Duck Butter have taken this issue completely out of the equation. In this set, you’ll be graced with 4 different scented versions of the original Duck Butter beard oil. Beard Commander, Forrest Ranger, Metro Spice and Cool Mint are all included in this box.

Packed With Valuable Nutrients

Duck Butter have been in the grooming product game for a long time and they know what they’re doing. Packed with antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamin E, this beard oil contains absolutely everything you need to keep your skin nourished and fresh. They know that skin health is the starting point of any mighty beard, which is why their products focus on keeping your skin in top condition.

Duck Butter Beard Oil Set

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4) Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil

​Honest Amish have been in the beard industry for years, but they’re still pretty new to the internet. Before a few years ago, the majority of their products could only be found at flea markets, farmers’ markets and festivals. Now, they’re everywhere, making one of the best beard oils available.

Ingredients You Can Trust

​Perhaps it’s the name, but Honest Amish promote themselves as the most trusted brand for beards in the world. Trust me, there are a lot of beard brands out there, so if it’s true, these guys are kind of a big deal.

Made in the USA​

Many beard oils come from countries such as Morocco, as that’s where the oils originate. Argan oil in particular is a big export from this country. Honest Amish, however, is brewed and bottled on American soil. For this reason, there are several manufacturing standards that they have to follow closely, meaning you can rest assured that you’ll be getting what you pay for.

Contains 9 key conditioning Oils​

​When it comes to ingredients, Honest Amish certainly don’t cut corners. Their beard oil is created using 9 key oils. These include virgin organic argan and golden jojoba, which are both known for their moisturizing and hair-softening properties.

Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil

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5) Leven Rose Fragrance Free Beard Oil

Leven Rose have a long history of making organic facial care products and this beard oil fits perfectly into the ranks. Well-priced, it comes in 2 scents, sandalwood and cedarwood. For the discerning gentleman, however, a fragrance-free option is also available.

Avoid Invasive Scents

Some men like a protruding odour to be noticeable from their beard hair, as it’s a pleasant reminder of the solid work the beard oil is doing behind the scenes. Some beard oil scents, however, can be pretty invasive and sometimes be quite off-putting. If I had a dollar for every love interest that had been frustrated by my beard oils, well, I’d have $3. But the point stands.

Some men aren’t keen on beard oils being scented, so if you’re among these ranks the Leven Rose Beard Oil is perfect for you.

Simple, Intensely Nourishing Ingredients

​Leven Rose created this beard oil out of simplicity. They knew that complex ingredients weren’t needed to create an oil that adds shine, softens hair and nourishes the skin, which is why the oil contains only 2 ingredients.

Organic jojoba oil and organic moroccan argan oil make up the entire contents of every bottle of Leven Rose beard oil. There aren’t any parabens, GMO’s, and the products aren’t tested on animals.

​Extended Shelf Life

Did you think that the amber glass bottle was just for style? You thought wrong. Oils are light-sensitive and perish over time if exposed to sunlight, so the darker colored bottle extends the shelf-life of this oil greatly. Thanks to science, you’ll be able to use every drop of this beard oil, oxidization-free.

How To Use Beard Oil

So, once you’ve selected a beard oil from the above list and it’s arrived, you’re going to want to start using it as quickly as possible. It doesn’t really matter how long your beard is - you need to keep your hair and skin healthy.

Beard oil, however, can be a cruel Mistress if not used properly. Here’s what you need to know when applying your new purchase:

1) Apply to Palms

Read the back of your bottle to check the suggested application amount. Depending on the length of your beard, this will usually be between 3-6 drops.

Amount of Beard Oil to Use

Amount of Beard Oil to Use Based on Your Beard's Length

2) Massage Into Beard

Start at the base of your neck where your beard begins and rub the oil in upwards. Be sure to run your fingers through your hair and touch your skin. After this, massage downwards, making sure you include the whole beard.

3) Be Sparing With Your Mustache

Your mustache is significantly smaller than the rest of your beard, so use less oil here. Apply using the same method as before.

4) Comb The Oil In

Not only will this help to evenly distribute the oil around your beard, you’ll also get your beard back into shape. Rubbing oil into it is going to leave it looking pretty scruffy.

Combing Beard Oil

Combing Beard Oil

In the words of Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben, with great beard comes great responsibility. Make sure you treat yours well, take care of it and it’ll love you in return. Plus, who doesn’t like getting awesome beard compliments all the time? Exactly.

Do you have any beard oils that you’re in love with? Let us know about them in the comments box below!