Beard Growth Products – The 3 You Should Check Out

Growing awesome facial hair takes a ton of patience and in the modern world, that’s not always easy to come by. On top of that, there are a huge amount of internal and external factors which can easily influence your beard-growing capabilities. To name a few, these include diet, sleep, water consumption as well as the amount you exercise.

Additionally, age can really come into it. While your 20’s are probably among the best times to start a beard grow, if you’re younger than 18 you’re likely going to have a tough time. Although beard growth products might help to some extent, you’re probably not going to see close to the same results you would if you left your hormones a couple of extra years to do their thing. If you’re adamant that you want a beard, however, who are we to stop you – beard products can be well worth a go.

For a lot of men, growing a beard is is one of the many rites of passage that needs to be achieved. If you’ve got some beard-growing capabilities and are looking to give yourself that added boost, a beard growth product could be the right option for you.

Before Buying A Beard Growth Product

It’s not a problem that I’ve faced personally, as I’ve been blessed with very strong beard-growing genes. I do know, however, how frustrating it can be when your beard isn’t growing at a speed you’d like.

Before investing in a beard growth product, you should have a think about why your beard isn’t growing quickly. Although it could be genetic, it might also be worth taking a look at your typical daily diet and figuring out whether you’re not getting enough of what your body needs.

For example, if you’re missing out on vital proteins, minerals and vitamins, you’re probably going to see a decline in growth speed. For this reason, it might be worth improving your diet first off and buying some inexpensive general supplements – in the long-run, this will save you from spending out on beard growth products, which aren’t always cheap.

Our Top Beard Growth Products

We’ve reviewed several beard growth products, but the ones in the list below stood out from the crowd. This might have been due to a reasonable price, quality of the product or both. If you’re interested in finding the right beard supplement for you, read on to learn more.

Beard Growth by Reborn Labs

We’re kicking this list off with one of the more premium items available on the market. Sure, it isn’t in the price range of men’s beard products such as Beard Czar, but it’s still slightly pricier than some of the other options available.

What you do get for the price, however, is a beard-growth guarantee. Reborn Labs are so confident in their product’s ability to boost beard growth that they offer a money-back guarantee. If you don’t see results in the form of a fuller, thicker and longer beard, you’ll get your hard-earned cash back in your bank.

Beard Growth is jam-packed with vitamins and minerals that are known for their abilities to increase facial hair growth. Including over 25 different key ingredients such as the famed biotin, Beard Growth are confident that their product is an essential addition to any man’s quest to grow the perfect beard.

When using a supplement such as Beard Growth, you can kiss goodbye to those annoying patchy spots in your beard. The vitamin and mineral complex included within will work to fill out your beard. You’ll no longer have to worry about only growing facial hair in certain places and being cornered into choosing certain styles as a result.

In addition to a badass bushy beard, Beard Growth also enhances your overall health. That means that your skin and general complexion are going to improve too. As well as having a newly-grown beard, you’ll also be able to get a refreshed, healthy looking face to compliment it.

Godefroy Thick Beard and Mustache Growth Serum

This product isn’t so much a supplement as it is a cream. Godefroy have produced an excellent serum that has been proven to promote the growth of facial hair and reduce the overall patchiness of your beard.

One immediate bonus of this product is its price. Although the benefits you reap from it might not quite be at the level of Beard Grow, it’s still packed with ingredients which, for the amount they’re asking for, are not to be ignored. One of the primary ingredients in Godefroy’s Thick beard and mustache growth serum is Jamaican castor oil, which is known for its nourishing properties. With this, you’ll be able to grow a thicker, fuller beard using a serum that actively penetrates your beard hair and hydrates, repairs and fortifies the underlying skin.

Godefroy’s serum is applied in the evening before bed, so you don’t have to worry about getting it on your hands during the day or on your phone when making or taking calls. It’s a 4 week intensive treatment – simply apply it each night before going to sleep, wash it off the following morning and repeat. Once the period is up, you should see some promising results.

Beard Grow XL Facial Hair Supplement

As far as beard growth products go, Beard Grow XL is the creme de la creme. It’s top of the market for the best beard growth supplements, with hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon reinforcing the value it’s provided to men across the world.

Millions of men trust Beard Grow XL’s tried and tested formula to provide them with the results they need. Comprised of 100% non-hormonal ingredients, you can rest assured that Beard Grow XL will get you your results without putting your health at risk. In fact, taking this supplement will actually provide you with awesome overall benefits. Packed full of vitamins and nutrients, Beard Grow XL will keep your skin and immune system in great shape, something that’s especially important if you’re heading into the colder winter months.

In contrast to other beard growth supplements, Beard Grow XL actually claims that it can get you fast-acting results. While I can’t testify for the validity of this statement, the hundreds of positive reviews on the Amazon product page should be testament enough themselves.

Alternatives to Beard Growth Products

As an alternative to beard growth products, you might also want to consider a few other options. These are particularly useful if you’re not quite ready to invest in a full-fledged supplement, or if you think you don’t quite need the level of growth enhancement that they claim.

As an immediate plus, the men’s beard products below are also more affordable than beard growth supplements. Take a look to see what you think.

Beard Oils

For those looking to avoid supplements, a good beard oil could be the right option for you. Nourishing your hair and skin, beard oils have been known to increase blood flow around your face, which in turn results in more facial hair growth.

In addition to this, they’ll also soften your beard hair and keep it healthy, meaning it’ll look great all year round.

Beard Shampoos​

Although you might not think it, beard shampoos can actually play a key role in supporting beard growth. As well as keeping your beard clean, washing daily with a beard shampoo will remove dead skin cells and loose hairs, making way for more hairs to grow. If you’re not looking for extensive hair growth, a beard shampoo could be your answer.

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