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Beard Balm vs. Beard Wax vs. Beard Oil – What’s the Difference?

If you have grown or are currently growing a beard, you’ll no doubt have realised along the way that it’s trickier than it looks. You’ve probably noticed that beards require more love and care than you may have originally thought and also, you may or may not have realised that there are products that can help.

Sadly, this is a whole other issue. With so many products on the market, it can be difficult for the modern man to decipher between the useful and the downright money-wasters. We’ve prepared several guides to help men figure out which products are worth their money, such as our best beard oil and best beard brush articles. In this article, however, we’re going to cover some of the basics.

One issue that men have difficulty with is distinguishing between the functions of individual products, such as oils, balms and waxes. They’re all fairly similar, they’re all best used after your daily shower and shampoo routine, but what are the key differences? In this article, we’re going to walk you through the individual benefits of each.

Beard Oils

We’re going to kick this article off by talking about beard oils. Personally, I think they’re great. Sure, they can be a little on the greasy side, but that’s only if you use too much of them. Nail the quantity after your daily shower routine and you’ll reap the benefits.

By using beard oil on a daily basis, you’ll be able to keep your hair and the underlying skin moisturized. Promoting skin and hair health like this will help you to avoid any unattractive conditions such as beardruff.

In addition to moisturizing the skin, beard oil will also soften the hair of your beard, making you increasingly popular with any significant others in your life. It’s unfortunate, but prickly beard hair just isn’t attractive to a lot of people. Using a high-quality oil, however, can put an end to this. Often enriched with ingredients such as jojoba and the increasingly-popular argan oil, beard oils will reduce split ends and soften your beard hair, making it more enjoyable for all.

The best time to apply beard oil is in the morning, immediately after showering. This is because your pores will be naturally open after washing and will therefore absorb more of the oil.

Beard Balms – Why They’re Different

The first thing you’re going to notice about your beard balm is the consistency. That’s right, they’re a lot thicker than your typical oil. Most because oil is, y’know, oil. A balm has much more substance to it and therefore has a few more benefits.

In addition to all of the usual moisturizing benefits you’re going to get from a beard oil, a good beard balm will also double as a styling agent. Although it’s probably not going to have a crazy amount of hold, it’s an absolute godsend to the bros among us who are boasting bushier beards. A decent lump of beard balm massaged into your facial hair as part of your morning routine will help to keep those pesky rebellious hairs at bay, giving your beard style a more rounded, polished look.

Beard balm sits straight in the middle of both oil and wax as far as consistency goes, which is why it’s a popular choice for both time-poor and beginner beard growers alike.

Personally, I prefer beard oil. This is because running my hands through my beard has always been a go-to gesture when I’m stressed or thinking (it’s also my classic tell when I play poker, but keep that between us). Using a beard balm and running your fingers through it is going to leave your hands coated in balm residue. It’ll be gorgeous smelling residue, but residue nonetheless, so be sure to choose carefully. If you can avoid touching your beard after applying balm or put up with the residue, that’s cool. I just can’t but that’s my personal preference.

Beard Wax

We’ve reached the other end of the beard product spectrum and that’s exactly where beard wax resides. It’s tough, somewhat unforgiving, but once your beard is in the style you set with it, it’s damn sure gonna stay that way.

Beard wax is a fantastic grooming aid that’s going to work wonders for any of you bros who suffer from unruly beards. Essentially, it’s the bearded male’s equivalent of hairspray, apart from it’s great for both your beard and the environment.

Beard/Mustache Wax

If you live in areas that are particularly cold and windy, beard wax is going to be your best friend. Commonly consisting of ingredients such as beeswax, shea nut butter and coconut oil, a good beard wax will help to protect your beard from the bad weather, whilst also serving to keep it at peak style.

Products You Should Check Out

We understand that everyone is different. Regardless of your preferred beard product, we’ve pulled together a couple of the internet’s top options for you:

Beard Oil

If you’re looking for beard oil at an affordable price, Smooth Viking’s range is about as good as it gets. Full-scented and carrying all of the beard oil benefits, these aren’t to be missed out on. For a full review of our top 5 favourite beard oils, click here.

Beard Balm

The beard balm produced by Mountaineer Brand is a safe bet and it’s got loads of great reviews from across the web. If you’re looking to nourish your skin and keep your beard under control, it’s well worth checking out.

Beard Wax​

It’s world-renowned and for good reason. For many years, Honest Amish have been making the best beard wax that money can buy.

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Fixing that Patchy Beard – Here are a Few Things You Should Try

It’s a fashion statement. It’s a lifestyle. It’s the final milestone for many a’males quest for manhood. It’s growing a beard.

Unfortunately, however, growing a beard isn’t always as easy for some as it is for others. Some are cursed with genes that produce patchy beard.

When you’ve got your heart set on growing an impressive bushy beard, regardless of your motivation behind it it’s heartbreaking to look at yourself in the mirror a couple of weeks on and see massive gaps where hair should be.

It isn’t the end of the road, however. Although not all beards are born equal. For every Chuck Norris beard out there, there are also hundreds of sad-looking Keanu Reeves stubble patches. If you find yourself on the patchier end of the facial hair scale, don’t give up hope. As your hormones advance, growing a beard will actually get easier the older you get. That doesn’t mean you’re going to get a badass beard overnight, but it does mean that you should definitely persevere. For the meantime, work with what you’ve got and show a bit of determination.

Grow it Out

If you’re already upset about the lack of hair on your face, the chances are that you’ve never given your beard the chance to show its true colours. More often than not, first-time growers will see those patches pop up and completely give up hope, when in fact, very few men can grow equally-dispersed facial hair straight away. Growing a beard is about dedication and commitment, so give it time.

Patchy Beard Styles

Give this a go – next time you look in the mirror and feel the urge to dive for the razor, don’t do it. Instead, step away and give it another week before checking back in. One useful motivational device I’ve found is a day tracker app for my phone. By downloading this and setting the day you stopped shaving or the day you’re next going to trim, you have a reminder of your progress that slaps you in the face every time you unlock your phone. Trust me, it’s super useful.

First things first – when growing a beard, you need to give yourself at least a month before touching that razor. It’ll be tough. It’ll take commitment. And by God, it’ll be really damn itchy. Regardless of these points though, you need to stick with it. After you’ve given your beard a month to flex its hairy muscles, take a look in that mirror and see if you need to tidy up. If it’s looking scruffy, now’s the time to tidy up that jaw and cheek line. Just make sure you don’t do it before.

Keep it Brushed

This might sound strange for a patchy beard, but stick with me and hear me out here. I’m not saying that you should spend 20 minutes running a brush through your beard before bed, but you should definitely keep it under control. Regardless of whether you’ve got an unruly beard or not, brushing will keep your beard in check and even influence the direction of growth.

brushing a beard

If you’re looking to cover up those patches, brush against the grain to develop a fuller, bushier effect overall. If you’re brushing your beard regularly, make sure you invest in some conditioner or beard oil. This will make sure that you don’t damage the underlying skin by going too hard. If you’re looking to buy a beard brush, make sure you avoid plastic and metal as core materials. Although they can look pretty cool, they can also scratch away at your skin and cause beardruff.

Since that’s one of the main things that you’re trying to avoid, you should definitely invest in a wooden beard comb with 100% boar bristle. This will be firm enough to fight its way through stubborn hairs, but also gentle enough to not upset your skin.

Beard Supplements – Worth it or Not?

Beard supplements have become really popular over the past few years, so I’ve written quite a lot about them. There are mixed opinions on whether they’re worth it or not, and my overall opinion is this:

If you can already grow a fairly decent beard, supplements such as Beard Grow XL and Biotin will make it grow fuller and faster. If you’ve been running the same no-shave pencil mustache for 6 months, however, they’re not going to help you out too much. The controversy from these supplements stems from the fact that they claim to guarantee beard growth. Sadly, this simply isn’t true. Beard supplements like Beard XL definitely help to promote growth, but they aren’t a magical cure for a baby-smooth face.

Beard Czar

When using a beard supplement, you should also manage your expectations. No supplement, no matter how well marketed or highly-priced, is going to give you a beard overnight. If you’ve got your heart set on using a supplement, I say go for it. Just make sure that you leave it a good 3 weeks before judging its effects.

As well as that, on top of potentially helping your beard growth, these supplements are basically a nuclear bomb of vitamins. Even if they don’t help your hair growth too much (which they should, even if only slightly), you’re going to reap some fantastic health benefits overall. You’ll feel more awake, more alert, and your skin will probably look brighter as well.

Facial Hair Transplants

Probably worth avoiding this one, dude. Unless Keanu Reeves is reading – you’ve got the money for it man, go for it. P.S., well done for beating Will Smith to the Neo role in The Matrix.Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves

Embrace the Patchiness

Whilst you’re on your quest for developing a full-on beard, you might as well embrace the patchiness. Depending on what style you settle for, a patchy beard can actually end up looking quite good. Many men struggle with growing facial hair around the neck and cheek areas. If you’re one of those dudes, a goatee + neckline beard might actually work quite well for you. If in doubt, pop into your local barbers/beard stylists and ask them for their opinion.

In the meantime, be sure to follow us on social media! That way, when new articles drop about the latest beard styles, you’ll be the first to know.

We also run exclusive competitions and giveaways over on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, so be friendly and come say hi!

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What’s the Best Beard Comb? Here’s Our Review of the Top 5 of 2017!

As a man, growing a beard is one of the single most rewarding things you can do. It isn’t, however, always as simple as you’d think. After you’ve overcome the potential obstacle of filling out any gaps in your patchy beard, you’re then left with a bushy face-mane that can be a real challenge to control.

At this point – usually around 4 weeks in – many men succumb to the itchiness and hairiness and throw in the towel. There’s no shame surrounding this – in fact, I’ve crumbled and pulled out the razor several times along my beard growing journey. This is before I found out that there are products to help.

I’m blessed with great genes, so growing facial hair has never been the issue. The problem has come in the form of beardruff, itchiness and a mess of hair on my face that a bird could start a small family in.

One of the tools I wish I had’ve discovered back when I started out was the beard comb. It’s simple, inexpensive, and basically gets the job done. In this article, I’m going to impart my knowledge, sharing with you what you need to know about beard combs, including some of the industry’s best options. Together, we’ll find the best beard comb for you.

Beard Combs – What Are Your Options?

When looking for the best beard comb, you’ll be left with a few different choices. Finding the best beard comb for you will usually be down to the style, length and thickness of your own beard, but here are the main options for you to consider:

The Metal Beard Comb​

​If you can find the right manufacturer, a stainless-steel beard comb can look great. It will, however, be tougher on your skin. If you’ve got a thick, stubborn beard, a metal beard comb will be a great choice for you. If you’ve got sensitive skin, you’ll probably be better suited to a wooden beard comb.

The Wooden Beard Comb

Rustic, stylish, and oozing masculinity, finding the best wooden beard comb for you will provide you with a gentler grooming experience than its metal cousins.​

Rustic, stylish, and oozing masculinity, finding the best wooden beard comb for you will provide you with a gentler grooming experience than its metal cousins.

The Plastic Beard Comb​

​It’s not worth spending $10 on something that’ll last you 3 months when you can get something that’ll last a lifetime for $20. Much as with beard brushes, plastic teeth on a beard comb will actually end up doing damage to your skin with long-term use. Considering the fact that you’ve bought a beard comb to improve your beard and skin health, there’s not much benefit to plastic. As a result, if you’re after the best, wooden beard combs are the way to go.

​Our Top 5 Beard Combs

​In no particular order, we’ve pulled together the list of our top 5 favorite beard combs that the internet has to offer. Because who doesn’t love getting stuff delivered to your door with the click of a button?

1. Wild Man Tame Beard Boar Bristle Wooden Beard Comb

We’re going to kick this list off with a strong contender. This wooden beard comb from Wild Man Tame Beard (another awesome name) is the full package. Fashioned by hand from high-quality wood, this beard comb provides everything you need.

One side is equipped with a wide-tooth comb to gently tame your beard and aid in the even distribution of oil, whereas the other is fine-tooth to really nail the details. The comb isn’t all you get for the price, however. Wild Man Tame Beard are offering a 100% boar bristle beard brush as part of the set, too.

For any self-respecting man looking to get the most from his beard, boar bristle is the best you can get. Tough and sturdy, Wild Man Tame Beard’s 100% boar bristle brush will exfoliate your underlying skin, remove dead cells and loose hairs, eradicate any trapped food, and help to spread oil around your beard. It’s well worth checking out.Find Lowest Price

2. Majestic Samson Anti-Static Wooden Beard Comb

Regardless of what type of beard you’re boasting, Majestic Samson’s anti-static beard comb is a great solution for your problems. Equipped with both wide and fine-toothed sides, this beard comb is made from red sandalwood. Not only does its stylish color make it a must-have accessory for any discerning gentleman, the wood also gives off the warm aroma that sandalwood is so well known for.

Majestic Samson even supply a carry-case for this beard comb, meaning you can take your grooming on the go with ease. A great gift idea, this beard comb comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee – if you don’t love it, Majestic Samson will completely refund you.Find Lowest Price

3. Dream Bear beard Comb

This next option is definitely going to be kinder on your budget. The beard comb from Dream Bear comes in at a great price, making it an excellent option for any gentleman on a tight budget.

The high-quality wood used to craft this comb is both great for your beard and kind on the face, leaving you with softer skin and a smoother, fuller beard. Getting a substantial supply of nutrients and oxygen to your beard is essential to its health, so a gentle wooden come like that from Dream Bear that promotes blood flow will work wonders.Find Lowest Price

4. Rocky Mountain Barber Company Beard Comb

The Rocky Mountain Barber Company beard comb comes in at a mid-range price, but they haven’t cut any corners on quality. Making a great gift, the beard comb is presented in a beautiful velvet-lined box that’s designed to last a lifetime.

The comb itself is designed from smoked wood, giving it both a gorgeous appearance and smell. As with other wooden beard combs, the Rocky Mountain Barber Company have made theirs from wood to avoid any unwanted static, in addition to ensuring it’s built to survive travel.Find Lowest Price

5. Huntsman Beard Comb

This simple and affordable option from Huntsman is an all-in-one solution for male grooming, as it’s suitable for both head and beard hair. Solving the uncomfortable problem that the plastic beard comb presents, this wooden beard comb is completely non-static, so you’ll be in for no unpleasant surprises when using it.

Despite the price, the Huntsman beard comb is sturdy and reliable, able to stand its fair share of wear and tear. Its wide-cut teeth are also a great way of avoiding any nasty snags during the combing process.Find Lowest Price

Other Products to Check Out

In addition to your beard comb, there are several other items you can use to keep your beard on top form. Firstly, we recommend investing in a great beard shampoo, such as the one produced by Mountaineer Brand. It smells gorgeous, feels great and will leave your beard soft and full of life.

The next step you should take towards your complete Beardicure routine is investing in some high-quality beard oil. Smooth Viking make beard oil to die for and they’re a great place to start. Trust me – once you’ve tried their beard oil, you’re going to fall in love.

So there it is – your guide to finding the best beard comb for your beard. We surveyed the top beard combs on the market and by far, the most popular were wooden beard combs. Perhaps people just don’t like the feeling of metal or plastic scratching along their face, but it’s down to your own personal preference. What I know is that, although their prices vary, all of the wooden beard combs above are durable, high-quality, and will get your beard looking its very best.

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LovelyBeards Gingerbread Beard Oil Product Review

Beard oils are great. Over the past 5 years, they’ve really surged in popularity among the male grooming community, quickly earning themselves a place in many a man’s bathroom cabinet. Helping to soften and keep unruly beard hairs under control, beard oil is the ideal solution to any man with a misbehaving beard.

If you’ve got a beard that’s dry, itchy, or maybe even looking a bit tired, it’s probably time to invest in some beard oil.

We love beard products here at Beardicure and are always excited about taking new ones for a test-drive. So, when LovelyBeards sent me a bottle of their Gingerbread beard oil, I couldn’t wait to try it out. In this article, I’m going to tell you what you need to know about LovelyBeards beard oil and take you through my experiences with it.

LovelyBeards Beard Oil

LovelyBeards founded their business on much the same premise as why we started up Beardicure – growing a beard shouldn’t be difficult and every man should have the tools needed to give it their best shot.

Currently LovelyBeards has over 6 different organic beard oils with some unique scents, there’s sure to be something to take your fancy. Based on my guilty pleasure for home baking, after some deliberation I settled on their gingerbread beard oil.

Gingerbread Beard Oil

Bottle Size: 30ml

LovelyBeards have definitely put some effort into their packaging. On the side of the box that the 30ml beard oil comes in is a handy guide that gives you an idea of how much of their oil to use.

If you’ve used beard oil before, you’ll know that there’s an element of trial and error involved. Fortunately, they’ve taken that out of the equation with the following recommendations:

  • Beardless to 1 Month – 3 to 4 drops
  • 1 Month to 3 Months – 4 to 6 drops
  • 3 Months to 12 Months – 6 to 10 drops
  • 12 Months and Longer – 10 drops and over

Scent: Gingerbread

The beard oil smelled like food and it made me hungry.” – that’s some female feedback I got, so bear that in mind.

Well, when they said gingerbread, they definitely meant gingerbread. Where some beard oils are a bit hit and miss with their essential oils, LovelyBeards have got it spot-on.

Before using it, I was expecting to be hit by more of a sweet scent, but immediately after applying I was greeted by a savoury, spiced aroma. Whereas the scent from some oils wears off after half an hour, this oil lingered for a good 3-4 hours, with others being able to smell it for a while after that.

I was concerned that it’d be overpowering, as some brands in the past have even managed to bring on headaches from invasive odours. With this, however, it was by no means overwhelming and I really enjoyed being able to pick up on it for several hours after application. If you are particularly sensitive to smell, however, it might be worth picking a different scent from their range.

LovelyBeards Different Beard Oils

Main Ingredients

LovelyBeards have gone all-out with their selection of carrier oils for this product. By looking at the list below, it’s pretty clear to see that you’re getting value for money.

Jojoba Oil

  • ​Ideal for moisturizing skin

Grapeseed Oil and Hempseed Oil

  • Both support hair growth​

Kiwi Seed Oil

  • Hydrates dry and unruly hair

Avocado Oil

  • Repairs damaged hair​

As far as essential oils go, they haven’t been as forthcoming, but that’s completely understandable – gotta keep the secret recipe under wraps.

The Benefits?

So, I typically use beard products every day. In my morning shower I shampoo my beard to remove any excess oil/balm/previous day’s nasties, then I apply either a balm or an oil to hydrate, soften and support my growth. As a result, my beard’s in pretty good shape, so I wasn’t sure how I was going to benchmark this review. Perhaps a comparison to some of my favorite products?

Fortunately (and unfortunately for me), the Heavens spoke and cast me down with illness for 5 days prior to writing this review. I hibernated in bed, neglecting my responsibilities. My beard was left untreated.

Lo and behold, last Friday my beardruff had returned.


Although frustrating, it did leave me in a great place to start trying this product.


Beardruff be Banished!

What d’you know? After 4 days of using LovelyBeards beard oil once in the morning, my beardruff had completely subsided. Although my beard isn’t insanely long, the hair underneath it still dries out and my hair follicles seem unable to produce a sufficient amount of sebum oil no matter the length. For this purpose, the oil was an absolute godsend.

After treating my beard with the oil, it’s feeling more hydrated and looking much more healthy.

The Prickly Hair is No More

After my illness had subsided, I also trimmed my beard down to get rid of some of the split ends that had cropped up. At this point, it was feeling real prickly.

Once again, after applying the beard oil for 4 consecutive days, it’s gotten way softer. In fact, it was noticeably softer after the first application. If you suffer from tougher stubble, this oil will work wonders from you.

The oil is a little greasy, but then again, it is oil. Also, I’ve been applying a drop or two extra each morning to really kick it into action, so I’m not sure what I really should have expected.

Would I Use it Again?

Overall – absolutely. I love the smell, love the consistency, and I really love how quickly it’s got my beard fighting fit again. Although the scent is a little less sweet than I anticipated, it’s still fantastic.

My next review is going to cover their beard balm, which I got in delicious nectarine mint. It already smells awesome, so I’m really excited to get stuck into it.

I’m definitely going to explore some of their other products in the future, so stay tuned for that. I’d also love LovelyBeards to produce a range of beard shampoo, because I’d be all over that.

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