Scalp To Beard Transplant

A scalp to beard transplant is almost a new wave type of procedure. A lot of men are desiring a beard these days more than ever. Beards are way more in than they used to be. But if you weren’t blessed with genetics, options can be limited. That is… until you look into a beard transplant. Hair transplants, you often can be limited by how much donor hair, with a beard transplant, and there being less surface area to cover, it doesn’t always take much hair. The awesome thing about beard transplants, is you can use hair from your hair throughout your beard. Although the hair will be a different thickness than the common beard hair, it will still look aesthetically like a beard. With an FUE beard transplant, there will be no scarring either. And finally, one more added benefit, for our transgender friends who are looking to sport a beard, a transgender beard transplant is becoming a more common procedure.

What Exactly is a Chinstrap Beard?

The chinstrap beard is characterized by thin sideburns that closely follow the jawline and the chin, and are connected to a short beard and subtle moustache. If you want to go full-on with a thicker beard line, it’s advisable not to grow a moustache since it would end up looking like a full beard in the end. In this situation, you’re probably just going to be growing a beard. This style rose to popularity once again in the early 2000s, when celebrities such as 50 Cent, Elijah Wood, and Leonardo DiCaprio could be seen sporting this look. Why they settled on it as the accent mark for their facial fashion choice shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. When pulled off well, the chinstrap beard can be one truly badass look. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us. Let’s get down and dirty with the beard style details: How to Grow a Chinstrap BeardFirst things first – in order to nail the chinstrap look, you’re going to need to start with a good amount of hair on your face, running from your cheeks all the way down to your neckline. Yep, basically a full beard. Why? Because trying to trim facial hair into a style whilst growing it can be a bit of a nightmare. Unless you’ve wielded a mighty mustache or a beautiful beard before, it’s hard to predict how your hair will grow. By letting it do its thing for a period of 2-3…